Benefits of fiber intake

Eat Your Veggies!

If you’ve got a man in your house, coax him to eat his vegetables.

And if he puts up a fuss, tell him this: A recent study shows that men whose fiber intake comes mostly from vegetables may have greater protection from prostate cancer than those who get their fiber from other sources.

Italian researchers conducted a dietary survey of more than 1,700 middle aged and elderly men. About 1,300 had prostate cancer, and the rest were cancer-free. Researchers found that a high intake of any type of fiber reduced prostate cancer risk slightly. Soluble fiber intake appeared to offer some protection, but when fruit, vegetable and grain fiber intakes were compared, vegetable fiber was associated with the lowest risk.

But a question remains: Was the fiber responsible for the preventive risk, or was it the lifestyle? As one researcher noted, those with a high intake of vegetable fiber may be more likely to incorporate other healthy habits in their daily routines. So in addition to eating more veggies, some exercise wouldn’t be a bad idea (of course), along with sufficient sleep, some basic vitamin supplements, no smoking, moderate drinking, etc.

But first things first You just can’t go wrong putting fresh vegetables on the dinner plate.
To Your Good Health,

Jenny Thompson
Health Sciences Institute

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