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Finding free range turkey

Talking Turkey

All turkeys are created equal. But food processing has a way of messing them up.

Most people are probably aware that your average grocery store frozen turkey may have been treated with preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, and who-knows-what to make it stay moist after several hours in a hot oven.

The alternative is a free-range bird that’s been raised on wholesome feed and never injected with anything to plump it up. But where do you find such an untouched beast?

You can start by going to the HSI Forum where a thread titled “Beware TURKEY” has some excellent advice about how to find fresh, unprocessed turkey.

A member named Tressa provides the address of a web site where you can, “click on your state to find local farmers who raise turkeys on pasture, with a supplemental feed. Better for you, better for the environment.”

Responding to Tressa, a member named 62Gidget says she grew up on a farm and enjoyed free-range turkeys. She says, “They are really moist, most of the time. Enjoy – it makes my mouth water:)”

A member named Roz says she didn’t have luck finding a turkey farm near her on the web site Tressa recommended, but she has another idea: “I should ask the farmers next Summer, when the Farmer’s Open Air Market is open. The farmers are always great to help each other, and pass on info and names.”

That’s a good idea. But why wait for summer? Some farmers’ markets are still open this late in the season – if there’s one in your area, you can stop by and inquire about farm-fresh turkeys. And if you can’t find a farm turkey in time for Thanksgiving Day, there are still all those other meals throughout the year when you could be enjoying free-range meat, which is more nutritious than standard grocery store meat. And that’s especially true of grass-fed beef, which is much higher in omega-3 fatty acids than highly processed beef.

So if you haven’t bought your Thanksgiving turkey yet, log on to our web site at, go to the Forum, and look for the “Beware TURKEY” thread to find out where you can purchase free-range turkey in your area.

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