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Football season

Taking History

For some people, September symbolizes the coming of fall or children returning to school. For me, it’s more of a spiritual reawakening. After all, September marks the start of football season.

The title of today’s e-Alert references Baltimore Ravens running back Jamal Lewis who predicted before last Sunday’s game that if he were given the ball 30 times he would break the NFL single-game rushing record.

Lewis was given the ball exactly 30 times.

He rushed for 295 yards; soaring over the previous record by more than 15 yards.

Nice work, Jamal. And congratulations. In my book, that’s more than making history; that’s TAKING history.

But the rushing record, the 82-yard touchdown on the opening drive, Ed Reed’s interception for a touchdown at the last second, and the best offensive blocking any Baltimore fan has seen in a long time weren’t the only things getting my attention on Sunday.

I may have been wearing a Ravens hat, but I was wearing my HSI hat, too.

So imagine my reaction when I looked up at the JumboTron and saw an ad for Flonase with the following “brilliant” line:

“Flonase. Because Ravens football should take your breath away not asthma.”

Next, they’ll be selling it at the concession stand. Well, at least something will be more expensive than a beer.

To Your Good Health, and Go Ravens!

Jenny Thompson
Health Sciences Institute