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Watch out for elephants

I recently received a very nice e-mail from an HSI member named Marijo who said, “I have been reading HSI reports for a long time, and benefiting from a lot of them, so I thought it was time for me to share something with you.”

Marijo has found a natural agent that relieves her arthritis pain, which she describes as, “Just plain old peanut oil from the grocery store. Rub on a little, just like a lotion. You can wipe off the excess. I don’t know how it works, I only know that it does. I suspect that it is absorbed by the skin and lubricates the joints, but I don’t really know. I hope you can use this information. I have helped a number of people become pain free by telling them about it.”

A quick check of the Internet shows that Marijo’s topical peanut oil rub to relieve arthritis pain is apparently a well-known therapy. In fact, there are many lotions, salves, and creams containing peanut oil that are promoted for arthritis and rheumatism pain. Many of the sources I found quoted Edgar Cayce – the “sleeping prophet” – as stating that those who take a weekly peanut oil rub “need never fear arthritis.”

If you want to try the peanut oil therapy, keep in mind that not all peanut oils are created equal. Marijo seems to have enjoyed good results with peanut oil from the grocery, but she might get even better results with pure extra virgin peanut oil, with no added solvents, dyes or preservatives.

Pure peanut oil also has a pleasant peanut aroma. So if you’re a zookeeper or live in the jungle, you may get a lot of friendly attention from monkeys and elephants if you start taking a weekly peanut oil rub.

To Your Good Health,

Jenny Thompson
Health Sciences Institute