Refusing an angiogram

This week in the HSI Forum

If your doctor told you that, “you could have a heart attack tomorrow,” and recommended that as soon as possible you should have an angiogram (an invasive test that examines the interior of blood vessels), what would you do?

This was the situation that an HSI member named Peter was faced with when he began a Forum thread titled “Refusing angiogram and scared.” As of this week, there were 59 replies to Peter’s request: “Would appreciate any words of wisdom.” And once again I want to point out how fortunate we are for the breadth of knowledge that members have shown in their responses.

Usual Suspects Lance, Pam, Gerry, Dolores, Jeff, Lee, Phil, and others ask questions, wonder about variables, share experience, offer advice, and suggest sources where Peter might find additional “wisdom.”

Peter had gone to the doctor to inquire about his depression and anxiety. His doctor shocked him with the news that his conditions might stem from blocked arteries. But our members are in agreement that Peter should try to treat his problem naturally before undergoing an angiogram, which Dolores points out can sometimes trigger a stroke.

Phil makes the point that stress causes the body to use magnesium, and the resulting lack of magnesium can cause depression, anxiety and heart problems. And he adds this note: “A medical study of hospitals who administered a magnesium IV to all incoming heart attack patients showed a 50% better survival rate than hospitals who did not do so.”

Flax seed oil, lecithin, and a “roto rooter” called ProFibe are Lee’s supplement recommendations. Biztekmom suggests vitamin E and CoQ10. Ron asks if Peter has considered chelation treatments. And later in the thread, when Peter mentions the drugs that his doctor prescribed (Lopressor, Altrace, nitroglycerin, Lexipro, and Zanax), Gerry gets right to the point: “As soon as you canstop those drugs.”

This thread is a must-read for anyone who might be considering a doctor’s advice to have an angiogram.

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