Go Terps!

This week in the HSI Forum

The most important thing I can tell you today is GO TERPS!

To be honest, there are no HSI Forum threads this week addressing the NCAA basketball tournament, but maybe there should be because college basketball is very healthy. Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch, but when you find yourself leaping out of your chair, yelling, “DUNK!” and hopping around the room, it certainly gets the blood flowing and provides excellent respiratory stimulation. As long as you don’t crash into something, it just can’t be bad for you.

Tonight the University of Maryland Terrapins take another step toward defending their 2002 NCAA championship. As I may have already mentionedGO TERPS!

Meanwhilethere are some “three-pointer” subjects under discussion on the HSI Forum this week. For instance, in a thread titled “Anti-aging,” a member named Albert wonders if there are any reliable supplements to offset the effects of aging on those who are overworked and overstressed. Lance, Brian and others take up the question, with Lance listing the specifics for a healthy diet that might protect us from the problems associated with aging better than any single supplement could. He caps his advice with this comment: “And, once you have learned this lesson, please come back and teach me to ‘do as I say!'”

In response to Tuesday’s e-Alert (“Burning Down The House” 3/25/03 – see below), Tommy started a thread titled “Wobenzyme,” asking for more information about this enzyme supplement. A number of responses follow, including an exchange between Caroline and Gerry who talk about the role that enzymes may play in weakening cancer cells, making them more vulnerable to therapy.

And a member named Titus wonders how valid the claims are about Olive Leaf Extract (OLE). In previous e-Alerts, HSI Panelist Allan Spreen, M.D., has discussed OLE, calling this powerful antioxidant an “amazing substance” which he strongly recommends as an anti-bacterial and anti-viral agent. Debby tells how she uses OLE to control colds, and Jeff recommends a brand of OLE that he’s had success with.

Some of the other health issues driving to the hoop on the Forum this week include: treating Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) with enzymes; sunscreen ingredients; arthritis pain, flaxseeds; and how to protect the liver from the effects of alcohol. Log on to our web site at www.hsionline.com and add your own comments, questions and insights. And, lest you forget, GO TERPS!