This week in the HSI forum

I’m sure you’ve probably noticed that the word “epidemic” seems to be used more and more often in discussions about type 2 diabetes. And the numbers back this up. By some estimates, as many as 17 million Americans may have type 2 diabetes, complicated by the fact that a full third of them are not yet aware of their condition.

Earlier this month, an HSI Forum thread titled “Diabetes” was started by a member named Nancy who had just been diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Her husband is also diabetic, so Nancy is knowledgeable about how to test her glucose levels and what to expect in terms of changing some of the habits of her current lifestyle. Nevertheless, she has questions about diets and other concerns.

The responses to Nancy’s opening are, for the most part, remarkably well informed – a good primer for anyone who might be looking for tips on how to deal with the onset of type 2 diabetes.

For instance, on the subject of helpful supplements, an HSI member named Gerardo says, “Type II diabetes has been attributed to chromium deficiency. Make sure you’re getting enough chromium. In type II, your insulin is normal but the cells are not responding by absorbing glucose. This has been attributed to lack of chromium.”

Diet is obviously a primary concern for diabetics. Jim offers this succinct comment on a well known regimen: “The type 2 diabetes epidemic in the USA is attributed to carbohydrates and insulin resistance and reducing the need for insulin is the way to control it. Atkins has the perfect approach to the problem. I speak from family and friends experiences.” Other members (Gerardo, Lance, and Hoss) also share their insights about various diets and the importance of watching the carbohydrates.

And concerning A1C testing (which measures hemoglobin A1C levels), Lance says, “Fasting glucose does miss many true cases of diabetes. But, you can’t fool the A1C, because it reads an “average” for the past 90 days. I understand that it may not be practical or economically feasible to screen using the A1C. But, if you are a known diabetic and your doctor considers it important enough to ask you to fast, pay for an office visit and blood test, it should be an AIC. I consider anything less to be negligent!”

For those, like Nancy, who need reliable, in-depth information about type 2 diabetes, I highly recommend a report I recently read, titled “10 Natural Ways to Stop Diabetes in its Tracks,” by alternative medicine pioneer Jonathan V. Wright, M.D. This comprehensive special report contains advice about how to protect against insulin resistance with a little-known vitamin in green vegetables; a mineral that’s deficient in most diets that can dramatically lower blood sugar, a common berry extract that reduces retinal hemorrhaging, and much more.

If you have a personal experience with type 2 diabetes that would be helpful to others, log onto our website at and add your comments to the diabetes thread. Other health topics that appear in the HSI Forum this week include Wobenzyme, testosterone booster, vertigo, soy baby formula, vaccinations, and a thread about pharmaceutical front groups, posted in response to this past Wednesday’s e-Alert (“Hearts & Minds” 2/26/03) which you’ll find described in more detail below.