New survey shows asthma is now an epidemic

According to the government’s first-ever state-by-state survey, asthma now affects 15 million Americans – that’s one in every 14 citizens! This number (which is probably still low) has doubled since 1980.

If you’ve ever struggled for breath, coughed uncontrollably, or felt like your lungs were in a vise -all common symptoms of asthma – you know how serious this is. Now, more Americans are facing this disease than ever before.

There is good news on the horizon, though. In your September 2001 issue of Members Alert (which you should receive next week), you’ll learn about a new, drug-free cure for asthma that was found to be 90 percent effective in a blind, placebo-controlled study. It’s a unique series of breathing exercises that can completely eliminate asthma –even in 3-year-olds.