2000-09 Members Alert

September 2000 PDF

Share Your Stories: Battling MS

In the August 2000 HSI issue, we answered a member’s question on Procarin, an alternative treatment for multiple sclerosis. The response generated from that one question convinced us that MS is clearly a subject you want more information on.

I’m currently reviewing research on MS and am excited about the healing breakthroughs we’ve uncovered so far. As you may know, the causes of MS are virtually unknown and mainstream treatments have little to offer. However, alternative medicine offers much morein fact, so much that it’s more information than could be contained in a single HSI issue. Therefore, we’re creating a new special report that focuses on MS, its possible causes, treatments, and success stories. And that’s where we need your help.

As part of the HSI network we’d like to include any alternative treatments that you-or someone you know-have used and found successful or unsuccessful for the treatment of MS. Please email me at cwiley@agora-inc.com or write to Cathy Wiley, 819 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21201, and include details of the treatment, including frequency, cost, source, success, etc. I look forward to hearing from you.

And look for the MS report in the upcoming months.

Cathy M. Wiley

HSI Ancillary Product Manager


AHCC (ImmPower), Harmony Co., 803 East Street, Frederick, MD 21701; tel. (800)404-4428; fax (301)695-3632. A 30-capsule bottle is $49.95, plus $5 shipping and handling.

Chanca Piedra Extract, Raintree Nutrition, Inc., 10609 Metric Blvd., Suite 101, Austin, TX 78758, tel. (800)780-5902 or (512)833-5006, fax (512)833-5414.

Panic Attack blend and Stress blend, Health Horizons, 2916 Douglas Road,Coral Gables, FL 33134; tel. (800)771-0255 or (305)442-1233. $20.00 a bottle, plus $2.50 shipping handling.

Weight Wellness (including rhodiola rosea), NorthStar Nutritionals LLC., tel. (800)311-1950. A one-month supply is $29.95 plus $4.50 shipping and handling (in the continental U.S.). Weight Wellness is a completely new product. For this reason, it won’t be ready for shipping until October 10. Orders taken now will be fulfilled as soon as the final product is available.

Weight Loss that Works, For more information on revolutionary weight loss, HSI has written a report entitled Weight Loss that Works, detailing its latest research. It’s available for $19.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling, and has a 30 day money back guarantee. Ask for order code 1293. Tel. (800)981-7157, fax (410)230-1273, Health Sciences Institute, dept. SWLR-1293, PO Box 977, Frederick, MD 21705-9838.