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Regrow lost hair with melatonin

SLEEP your way to a new, thick head of hair? [Not as crazy as it sounds]

If you’ve still got a thick, full head of hair, count yourself among the blessed…

Because many seniors are SHOCKED to find more and more of their hairs left on the pillow or in the brush… or falling into the bathroom sink.

And no “comb-over” in the world can hide the fact that they’re going BALD.

I’m not just talking about older guys… but older gals, too!

Hair loss can be caused by taking certain medications… or imbalances in your hormones or nutrition.

And addressing the root cause can often REVERSE the condition.

For some, baldness comes as a result of just plain ol’ genetics – and you may THINK you can’t do anything about hair loss if it’s coming from your DNA.

But there IS a way to SLOW hair loss… and even REGROW lost hair!

It’s so natural, it won’t burn your scalp with nasty chemicals… or even leave a disgusting residue.

Send thinning hair PACKING

You already know melatonin as the “sleep hormone” – or the neurotransmitter that helps you get a full night’s rest.

It’s produced by the pineal gland in your brain… but that’s not the only place in your body you’ll find it.

Another center of melatonin production may shock you…

It’s your hair follicles!

But they don’t just MAKE melatonin…

They also contain melatonin RECEPTORS .

And research shows that applying a melatonin topically on your scalp not only significantly reduces hair loss

But it also promotes the growth of NEW HAIR!

Now, it’s normal for everyone to lose SOME hair every day. And each hair has its own timetable for creation, growth, and falling out.

In folks with excessive hair loss, that lifecycle becomes distorted… or even accelerated.

Melatonin can help regulate your hair’s “clock  – much like how it can regulate your “sleep clock”!

In one study, more than half the participants saw a nearly 30% increase in the number of strands on their heads…

And in just 3 months.

Their hair thickness and density improved, too – which meant no more areas of shiny scalp showing through the thinning-out areas!

Subsequent research has also demonstrated how topical melatonin can improve hair texture and make your scalp more comfortable and less irritated.

Even better, melatonin acts as an antioxidant on your hair follicles… which can protect your “roots” from free radical damage and future hair loss.

There’s also some evidence that melatonin can help balance postmenopausal women’s responses to hormones .

Look for a melatonin serum for your hair online. Apply it to your scalp before bedtime… and then get a good night’s sleep.

Some of the melatonin may absorb into your bloodstream, so be cautious if you’re already taking oral melatonin supplements for sleep.

To reclaiming your lovely locks before summer,

Melissa Young