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Fight aging with the “sleep hormone,” melatonin

TURN BACK the clock on your cellular age… feel more rested… and look younger, too!

Imagine being able to SLOW DOWN the effects of aging

And maybe even REWIND back to a younger time!

It could be possible… thanks to a common “sleep trick” you probably already know about.

It’s not just that it can help you get MORE and BETTER slumber… or reset your “body clock.”

Because it turns out that it can OPTIMIZE how your cells work… by TARGETING where they get their energy from!

And more energy… on a cellular level… could mean a YOUNGER you.

Here’s how.

Grow younger… while you sleep?

Locked inside each of your cells is a tiny little “powerhouse” that generates energy in a form your body can use, called ATP.

That “energy generator” is your mitochondria.

As you get older, mitochondrial stress accumulates inside your cells…

And that could bring on ENERGY FAILURE.

No wonder you feel so exhausted!

Getting a good night’s sleep might not be enough on its own to RECHARGE your battery.

You’ve got to DE-STRESS… on a CELLULAR level!

Here’s where melatonin steps in.

The “sleep hormone” doesn’t just help regulate your sleep/wake cycles (or “circadian rhythms”)… or help you FALL asleep and STAY asleep.

It ALSO works as an antioxidant.

Specifically, it can enter your mitochondria… NEUTRALIZE free radicals… and CLEAR OUT accumulated damage!

And once it’s in there, it flips your mitochondrial protective programs into the “ON” mode to prevent further damage.

The opposite turns out to be true, too…

Not producing enough melatonin can SPIKE your levels of oxidative stress.

And that’s one surefire way to age FASTER.

Melatonin ALSO stimulates your body’s natural production of other antioxidants, too – including the “master antioxidant,” glutathione .

As a result, it can also shield you against DNA damage, too.

Now, you may be wondering what the REAL-WORLD results of using melatonin are.

According to animal studies, it can BEAT BACK the earliest signs of aging from setting in… and even EXTEND lifespan.

What can it do for YOU?

According to a 2012 review , it can protect your skin from sun damage – one of the main culprits behind dryness, discoloration, and wrinkles!

That’s why you’ll be hearing more and more about topical application of melatonin – either in liposomal form or as a cream.

You can also find melatonin capsules or tablets at your local health food store or online… and for just PENNIES a day.

To not aging prematurely,

Melissa Young