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Tough-to-treat infection CURE… found in a 65 million-year-old leaf?

Your immune system becomes weakened… fungus takes advantage of your vulnerability…

And next thing you know, you’ve been TAKEN OVER by an OVERGROWTH of YEAST!

Know what else can cause you to get yeastier than a baker’s kitchen?

For starters, certain meds can…

And not just antibiotics, which are NOTORIOUS for disrupting your delicate microbiome.

It can be embarrassing to talk about… especially when the yeast attacks you “down there.”

But there IS something that can help – something you own doc may have NEVER heard of.

According to research, a prehistoric shrub from the other side of the world could improve your recovery rate by a whopping 88%.

Get candid about Candida

In New Zealand, the indigenous Maori tribes were TORMENTED by a blight that was KILLING their babies.

It was candidiasis, a.k.a. “thrush: – or what they called “Haha” or “Haka” in their native tongue.

You may know it better by the more general term, “yeast infection.”

The yeast in question is Candida albicans – and it can ZERO IN on your skin, mouth, and even your private parts.

Once this fungus takes hold, trying to get rid of it can be MADDENING.

But the Maori natives didn’t take this RAGING infection lying down…

They gathered up all their natural resources… and found a CURE, which they UNLOCKED from the leaves of the New Zealand pepper tree.

Known in herbal medicine as horopito (Pseudowintera colorata), it’s a “bush cure” that’s a distant cousin of the magnolia tree.

THIS plant, however, has been around for at least 65 million years!

Its key ingredient appears to be the compound known as polygodial, which gives the leaves a hot, peppery bite.

Polygodial has been shown to damage the membranes of fungal cells… making them LEAK all their contents and, eventually, DIE.

And according to researchers, this compound, when extracted from horopito, improved the recovery rate of patients with genital Candida infections by a whopping 88.5%!

It worked FAST, too. It alleviated their itching and irritation within HOURS.

Horopito works great on its own… but it TRULY shines when combined with other natural therapies.

In one study, researchers gave older folks a mixture of horopito and aniseed (brand name Kolorex) – and it turned out it was able to ERADICATE dozens of strains of the Candida fungus in their mouths!

Kolorex has also OUTPERFORMED the pharmaceutical antifungal amphotericin B, which can take 3-4 days to work.

The horopito-containing product starts BANISHING fungus in just ONE day!

You can find Kolorex online, including on the website of its U.S. distributor,

In addition to aniseed, you can also combine horopito with other natural antifungals, like oregano oil and undecanoic acid.