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EXTEND your livelihood… with this rainforest ‘tree trick’?

You’ve decided that THIS is the year…

In 2020, you’re finally going to take your health seriously.

Your energy may have taken a NOSEDIVE… and you could be feeling both physically and mentally WEAK.

But you’re not a victim. And it’s not too late for you.

There’s something you can do to ENSURE that you’ll live a long, healthy life.

Because you can PUMP THE BRAKES on aging — right now.

You just need a little help from a rainforest herb that’s been EXTENDING lives… and POWERING bodies… for thousands of years.

‘Fix’ your sluggish cells

The pink lapacho or “pink trumpet” tree (Tabebuia impetiginosa or Tabebuia avellanedae) is so treasured in South America… it’s the national tree of Paraguay.

Starting at least 1,000 years ago, the early civilizations of Mesoamerica… like the Incas… would use the rot-resistant wood from this large tropical tree to make hunting bows.

In fact, the name of the herb that’s derived from the inner lining of its bark, “pau d’arco,” means “bow stick” in Portuguese!

Pau d’arco can strengthen your constitution so you can thrive WELL into your “golden years.”

And how it works is NO mystery!

Not only is it a proven inflammation-buster

But it also contains a significant amount of the powerful antioxidant quercetin.

Of course, BOTH of those could help contribute to a long, healthy life by supporting a healthy immune system

But there’s something UNIQUE to this Amazonian rainforest tree bark that offers something even MORE.

It contains two key compounds — lapachol and beta-lapachone, long-heralded as effective antimicrobials.

But it turns out they’re ALSO a “secret weapon” in fighting the scourge of aging!

In one animal study, the health decline of old mice was SLOWED after taking beta-lapachone.

They showed STRONGER musclesIMPROVED motor performance… and BETTER memory capacity.

Imagine being able to STAVE OFF age-related decline of both your muscles… and your brain!

It turns out that beta-lapachone increases a substance called Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD+.

You may have heard about NAD+ and of its promise for “eternal youth.”

That’s because it supplies your cells with “energy molecules” known as adenosine triphosphate, or ATP for short.

Unfortunately, your levels of NAD+ drop as you age.

Without that energy, your cells’ ability to repair its damaged DNA declines… and your cells age FASTER.

And “ground zero” for that cellular aging is the mitochondria.

These little cellular “powerhouses” have got to be healthy in order for EVERYTHING in your body to work properly.

Fortunately, NAD+ helps your body GROW new mitochondria… and OPTIMIZE its performance.

It could even help your cells REPAIR their damaged DNA!

Look for pau d’arco liquid extracts or tinctures – and make sure the product has been evaluated by a third-party testing organization, with a standardized dosage of lapachols.

It’s best if it’s extracted from the inner bark and not the whole bark.

Some folks also like to drink pau d’arco has a tea, known as taheebo or lapacho tea.