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2,000-year-old ‘pee trick’ makes bathroom time a BREEZE

Are pee problems DRIVING you up the wall?

Whether it’s an infectiondiscomfort… or just not peeing enough

Urinary complaints can be MADDENING… and EMBARRASSING to talk about.

You can TRY to hide how uncomfortable you are

But IGNORING the problem won’t make it go away.

Fortunately, you don’t have to SUFFER in silence…

Because there’s something that can take the FRUSTRATION out of your “bathroom time.”

This soothing, cooling herb ENHANCES the healthy flow of urine… and SO much more.

Get your urinary tract back on TRACK

You’ll find the pellitory-of-the-wall plant (Parietaria officinalis) literally growing along cracks in old, stone walls — especially in England and central Europe.

I’m talking about a CURE… found growing in piles of RUBBLE… and RUINS!

It’s technically a member of the nettle family — but don’t worry. It won’t sting you.

Quite the OPPOSITE!

This wall-dwelling herb… so named by famed 1st-century naturalist Pliny the Elder… isn’t just an effective diuretic (which makes you pee)…

It can also EXTINGUISH inflammation in both your kidneys and bladder.

That’s thanks to its flavonoid content – most notably quercetin, which is well-known to help ease urinary issues.

Together, those two key actions make pellitory-of-the-wall a VALUABLE tool in fighting such urinary issues as…

  • urinary tract infection (and resulting cystitis)
  • kidney inflammation and pain (nephritis)
  • excess fluid retention
  • and more.

But pellitory-of-the-wall doesn’t stop there.

According to a 2010 study out of Algeria, this herb INHIBITS the crystallization of monohydrate calcium oxalate – one of the MAJOR contributors to stone formation in the bladder and kidneys.

In fact, pellitory-of-the-wall is also RENOWNED in folk medicine for how it can RESTORE kidney function and SUPPORT good kidney health.

Finally, pellitory-of-the-wall extracts also contain compounds known as pyrrole acids…

And that’s important when it feels like you’re ON FIRE… or being STABBED… “down there.”

Pyrroles are used in the pharmaceutical industry as precursors to certain types of NSAID pain relievers.

But why not go straight to the source?

You can find pellitory-of-the-wall at your local health food store – or more likely, online — as a tincture or in capsule form. You can also brew the dried herb as a tea.

Some folks are allergic to the pollen of pellitory-of-the-wall, a major contributor to seasonal allergies (a.k.a. hay fever). If you’ve had troubles with other types of pollens, pellitory-of-the-wall may not be for you.

And finally, don’t confuse this herb with plain ol’ pellitory (Anacyclus pyrethrum) or its close cousin, Parietaria judaica. They’re different plants… and won’t have the same beneficial effects.