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Become a diabetes DODGER with this ‘bean trick’

If you’re looking to DODGE the scourge of diabetes

You’ll try taking ANY shortcut to achieving PERFECT blood sugar control.

You know your livelihood – and your life – DEPENDS on it.

You’ve got to do SOMETHING that’ll help control your fasting blood sugar levels… and reduce glucose spikes after you eat or drink.

Fortunately, there’s a “coffee trick” that will do JUST THAT.

Whether your glucose tolerance is simply impaired… or your blood sugar has SPIRALED out of control

This coffee-based “carb-blocker” might hold the secret to REGULATING your glucose metabolism.

‘Carb-eater’ discovery makes coffee beans a diabetes DESTROYER

In 1932, German chemists Hermann O.L. Fischer and Gerda Dangschat first isolated an antioxidant from coffee beans, called chlorogenic acid (CGA).

They both went on to become carbohydrate experts…

But during their long careers, they didn’t realize how their chemical discovery could help diabetics by BLOCKING carb absorption!

That’s exactly what research has found out, in light of their groundbreaking work.

It turns out that during digestion, CGA inhibits the enzyme responsible for breaking down carbs (α-glucosidase).

The less carbs that are turned into sugar… the lower your postprandial blood glucose levels.

But that’s not the ONLY way that CGA works to stabilize the peaks and valleys that become so familiar to diabetics, especially after eating…

Because CGA has been shown to reduce fasting blood glucose, too.

That may be because it helps increase glucose uptake in muscle cells.

That keeps the sugar OUT of your blood… and IN the tissues that can use it for energy.

CGA increases blood insulin levels, too… but that won’t do a bit of good if your body has come to RESIST the effects of insulin.

Fortunately, CGA also helps SENSITIZE your body to insulin.

In fact, research has shown that CGA can OPTIMIZE insulin action in a similar way to the popular diabetes med metformin!

Except with CGA, you don’t run the risk of your blood sugar dipping too low… your B12 levels becoming depleted… endocrine disorders… or any other side effects and risks associated with the drug.

You MIGHT feel a little jittery… or simply a BOOST of energy… as some of chlorogenic acid’s effects can be similar to caffeine, only less so.

CGA is only about 1/3 as potent as caffeine.

Now, you might THINK that this gives you free license to drink as much coffee as you want…

But unfortunately, most of the chlorogenic acid found in coffee beans is DESTROYED in the roasting process.

That’s why you need to get your CGA supply from unroasted, green coffee beans (which are actually seeds from the fruits of Coffea plants).

You can find CGA in the supplement aisle of your favorite store or online… labeled as “coffee bean extract” or “green coffee extract.”

Most folks get a benefit from a dosage of 120-300 mg daily – though some take as much as 3,000 mg per day.

As with any new supplement, start out slow and small and work your way up.

You can also find chlorogenic in such fruits and vegetables as apples, pears, tomatoes, eggplant, and dandelion greens…

But it’s hard to know how much you’re actually getting through food intake – or whether it will be enough for a therapeutic dose.