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Overcome a KILLER hospital bug with China’s most popular drink

It’s one of America’s biggest threats to public health…

And it can turn a hospital visit into a horror movie.

You go in for a routine procedure… and come out with a deadly infection.

Worse yet, some may NEVER get out of the ward alive!

In fact, at least 23 million Americans die every year from an antibiotic-resistant infection, according to the CDC.

I’m talking about MRSAC. difficile (or “deadly diarrhea”)… CRE (Enterobacteriaceae)… and even some forms of pneumonia.

And seniors are among those at GREATEST risk.

The answer ISN’T developing new prescription antibiotics – ones that those bugs will just learn to resist, just like all the others.

Fortunately, Mother Nature has given us everything we need to fight infections like these.

One emerging hero among superbug killers is an antioxidant… found in a popular item you might already have in your pantry!

Here’s how it can actually RESTORE the power of an antibiotic drug previously rendered USELESS.

Beating the worst of ‘bad bugs’

The World Health Organization has listed Pseudomonas aeruginosa as a “priority pathogen” – one that THREATENS our health beyond all others.

This bacterium causes serious respiratory tract infections – like ventilator-associated pneumonia — and various types of sepsis.

It resists the effects of MULTIPLE drugs — even “last resort” antibiotics.

And it kills HUNDREDS of Americans per year.

But in recent study, researchers out of England found that an antioxidant found in tea was able to help CLEAR the infection.

Now, you know how the British love their tea…

But the antioxidant they used didn’t come from any type of black tea, like English Breakfast.

Instead, they looked to the most popular tea of the Far East – green tea!

That’s where they got a compound called epigallocatechin (EGCG).

You’ve read right here in eAlert how EGCG can boost heart health… and beat back diabetes…

But these latest findings might reveal its most LIFE-SAVING benefits of all.

In the study, EGCG strengthened the antibiotic aztreonam’s activity

And it did it by helping it PENETRATE the drug-resistant P. aeruginosa bacteria’s cell walls.

This SABOTAGED a key defense mechanism of antibiotic-resistant superbugs – building a barrier that BLOCKS uptake of the drugs.

Now, downing your antibiotics with a cup of green tea may not be enough to REVERSE multi-drug resistance…

But fortunately, EGCG is available as a supplement in capsule form, sometimes labeled as “green tea extract.”