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Could this ‘citrus secret’ help your old face grow YOUNG again?

Happy New Year.

It’s time to throw out that old calendar… and count the new wrinkles that appeared over the last 12 months.

Or maybe you’ve already lost count!

But no matter how many lines you’ve already got… it’s NOT all downhill from here.

If you’re worried about the visible signs of aging, all you need to do is get your hands on Southeast Asia’s secret for beating back “old age.”

It could help ERASE those frown lines

But in this country, it’s only ever planted as DECORATION!

And that means we’ve been missing out on its REJUVENATING powers.

Aging annihilator… HIDDEN in a houseplant!

This fruit of the Philippine islands is frequently called the “golden lime”… because it’s green on the inside and orange on the inside.

But calamansi (Citrofortunella microcarpa) isn’t a lime at all – but rather, a naturally-occurring hybrid of mandarin orange and kumquat.

Here in the U.S., you might’ve heard of it by the name “calamondin.

And it’s got something that most other citrus fruits don’t…

The antioxidant compound 3′,5′-di-C-β-glucopyranosylphloretin, or DGPP for short, is a type of flavonoid known as a C-glycoside.

DGPP isn’t found in oranges, lemons, or limes. But you’ll find it in kumquats… and calamansi.

Not only does this compound’s antioxidant power help smooth out wrinkles… and hit the brakes on the free radical damage that leads to other visible signs of aging

It can also even out your skintone — by inhibiting the process that produces excess pigment.

Calamansi is also rich in tannins, which contributes to its anti-inflammatory effects.

And, like other citrus fruits, it’s PACKED with vitamin C – a nutrient that’s ESSENTIAL for your body to produce collagen.

That gives your skin the power to REPAIR ITSELF… and actually GROW NEW SKIN CELLS!

 A lack of collagen is usually to blame for the loss of elasticity in your skin… and a dry, sagging face.

You can buy calamansi juice online (brand name Mansi), but beware of the high sugar content of juices.

Look for the fresh fruit at a Filipino grocery store, where it might be called “kalamansi” or “kalamunding,” as it is in the Philippines.

Or grow your own! You can find it throughout this country at most home improvement and garden stores – though it thrives best in warm climates, like those found in Florida, Texas, and California.

Use all parts of it – including the rind, where many of its nutritional compounds are found. It’ll makes for the most nutritious marmalade you’ve ever had.

The fruit’s skin is so thin, some folks pop the whole thing in their mouths rather than trying to peel it.