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Could FAT be the key to TAMING your blood sugar woes?

There’s new hope for diabetics who are struggling to control their blood sugar AND keep their weight down.

Researchers out of Canada have tapped one of Mexico’s finest exports to address the metabolic factors that send so many folks with type 2 diabetes into a downward spiral.

It’s actually a kind of “berry”… but it’s not sweet. In fact, it’s best-known for being LOADED with healthy fats!

People who eat it tend to weigh less… and experience fewer of the symptoms that can skyrocket the risk for diabetes.

And it’s stood the test of time, too — as the oldest evidence of it dates back to 10,000 years ago.

But there’s a secret to using this Mexican fruit trick just the right way…

Holy guacamole!

You’ve probably heard avocados (Persea americana) touted as one of the world’s healthiest foods.

It’s true – this popular produce item out of Pueblo, Mexico is PACKED with nutrients.

But the latest research has identified how one compound in particular can SLAM THE BRAKES on processes that SABOTAGE glucose metabolism.

It’s actually a fat molecule… ONLY found in avocados… called Avocatin B (AvoB).

And it works on a cellular level.

You see, when you’ve got diabetes, your ability to burn fat is HINDERED.

Specifically, the “powerhouses” of your cells – the mitochondria – can’t properly transform fatty acids into energy.

When fat isn’t burned completely, it messes with how your body can keep excess glucose out of your bloodstream.

But AvoB appears to nudge that fat oxidation process along.

And that, turns out, is key to REVERSING insulin resistance… and both TOLERATING and USING glucose better.

An animal study shows that supplementing with AvoB helped IMPROVE pancreatic beta cell function… and SENSITIZE the subjects to insulin.

But that’s not all…

This avocado compound ALSO helped SLOW weight gain.

That’s important – because the leading cause of type 2 diabetes is, you guessed it, obesity.

And when you’ve already got diabetes, those extra pounds you’re carrying aren’t doing you ANY favors.

Now, human studies have proven its safety in people…

But if you’re thinking you could just binge on some guacamole and get the same results…

You can’t.

Your body doesn’t easily absorb this fat molecule, which is present in whole avocados… but not necessarily in the form that your body can use.

AvoB isn’t present in ALL avocados, either – and you can’t tell which ones have it and which ones don’t just by looking at them!

A company called SP Nutraceuticals will be making AvoB available in powder and pill form in early 2020 in Canada… and to U.S. shelves sometime mid-next year.

Look for it sold under the brand name MetAvo.