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Vietnamese ‘mint trick’ HEALS your wounded gut [A Christmas miracle!]

Ulcers in the stomach and small intestine are incredibly common. Over 10% of the world’s population suffers from them.

There’s no time like the holidays for those sores to flare up… but you need more than a peppermint candy cane to heal your gut.

The mainstream won’t help…

Because they’ll stick you on some acid-blocking proton-pump inhibitor (PPI) — ones that have been linked to everything from bone loss to dementia!

Are you KIDDING me?

Fortunately, there’s a gut-healing mint that can WIPE OUT the bacteria causing your ulcer… and REDUCE inflammation and oxidative stress.

I GUARANTEE you’ve never been told about it… but it runs CIRCLES around the top prescription drugs on the market.

The scary truth behind ulcers

If you believe that old Andy Williams Christmas song, this is supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year.”

But if you’re suffering from a peptic ulcer, the holiday season can feel like a trip through hell.

They’re painful… they cause indigestion… and they can even lead to stomach cancer.

But healing them takes a lot more than blocking your stomach acid with some PPI drug.

Now, you’ve probably heard that peppermint can ease indigestion and even the symptoms of digestive disorders like IBS.

Ulcers, however, are a different beast.

But there’s a special type of mint, used in Southeast Asia for ages, that can HEAL ulcers and REVERSE damage to your stomach lining.

Kesum (Polygonum minus) – also known as Vietnamese mint – is grown in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Some people call it “pygmy knot weed.”

It’s an essential herb that Southeast Asians throw into every dish they can, just to benefit from its healing powers!

This type of mint doesn’t just settle your stomach.

It ERADICATES the bacterial infection that commonly causes peptic ulcers, known as H. pylori.

And that’s a bug that’s able to survive even the harshest environments – including an onslaught of antibiotics.

So kesum actually stops ulcers at the source… but that’s not the only way that it can heal your gut.

It SLASHES the inflammation and oxidative stress that’s tearing apart your stomach lining… which helps make ulcers DISAPPEAR.

In a 2010 study, kesum worked JUST AS WELL as the drug omeprazole, which you know by its brand name, Prilosec.

But with kesum, you don’t have to worry about all of the side effects.

Prilosec may be easy as pie to get, now that it’s available over the counter… but taking kesum is a whole lot cheaper AND safer.

The active ingredient in kesum is a naturally-occurring compound called gallic acid.

Gallic acid is found in many different plants and is available in supplement form.

You can find gallic acid and kesum on their own or as part of a digestive formula.

Or you can buy your own Vietnamese mint plant for your herb garden. You can eat it raw as a vegetable in salads or cook the leaves in a soup, as people in Southeast Asia do.