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Mainstream docs KILLING patients with RA? Dodge DEADLY infections with THIS

If you’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease like rheumatoid arthritis, the prognosis might seem hopeless.

Sure, you MIGHT be able to relieve some pain with OTC or prescription pills…

But in order to EXTINGUISH the chronic inflammation, they’ll say you’ve got to SUPPRESS your immune system.

And that puts you in the crosshairs for LIFE-THREATENING infections.

No matter what you’ve heard… it’s NOT an all-or-nothing decision.

There’s something else – something that can make pain a distant memory AND keep your body from DESTROYING itself.

Asian herbal medicine has used it for AGES… but its medicinal value goes WAY beyond folklore.

Here’s the REAL science behind how it can work for you.

A TKO for RA

Although it’s originally from East Asia, the castor aralia… a.k.a. the prickly castor oil tree… has been found growing wild right here in Maryland.

It turns out that the key to making rheumatoid arthritis more LIVABLE might be in our own backyard!

The tree’s Latin name is Kalopanax pictus… from “kalos,” the Greek word for beautiful.

And most folks who admire it would agree that it’s as pretty as a picture.

Often eaten as a vegetable in Asia, it’s also used in both Traditional Chinese Medicine (called “cìqiū”) and Korean folk medicine (called “eumnamu”)…

But Western docs have OVERLOOKED its value!

It’s not just a potent anti-inflammatory – working similarly to aspirin and even other NSAIDs like COX-2 inhibitors.

It’s also certifiably anti-rheumatoidal!

Animal studies have shown that its stem bark extract significantly INHIBITS the activity of the enzyme lactate dehydrogenase (LDH).

LDH overactivity can occur when your white blood cell function becomes DISRUPTED – as it does with autoimmune diseases like RA.

And that can create too much lactic acid in the synovial fluid of your joints.

And elevated LDH levels are a hallmark of the tissue damage that makes RA so debilitating.

By beating those elevated levels back, Kalopanax helps REGULATE your overzealous immune reactions… and STAVE OFF cell damage.

That means this herbal remedy doesn’t just EASE the pain… but actually REDUCES the severity of the disease!

The secret to its success appears to be kalopanaxsaponin A, or KPS-A – a type of arthritis-fighting compound called a saponin.

Kalopanaxsaponin isn’t available on its own in supplement form…

But look for Kalopanax (sometimes also known by its synonym, Kalopanax septemlobus) at your local Asian specialty market.

The name “Kalopanacis Cortex” refers specifically to the stem bark extract.

Better yet, work with a certified Chinese herbalist to figure out the right dosage for you.