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19th-century citrus discovery kickstarts healthy circulation [Not what you think!]

Your legs are achingweak… and swollen.

And you wake up WINCING in pain from the nighttime cramps.

You know your circulation has gotten SLUGGISH… even though your heart is working as hard as it can to get your blood pumping through your body.

The problem is that once that blood reaches your lower extremities… it STAYS there.

And the less your blood flows… the more inflammation and free radicals build up and RAVAGE your delicate vascular tissue.

Your vessels can stop working properly… and that can make your cardiovascular risk SKYROCKET.

Fortunately, there’s a way to strengthen your blood vessels… get them working properly… and give your sluggish circulation a kick in the pants.

It’s a natural substance that’s part of a long-lost class of vitamins

And you might even have a source of it in your fridge RIGHT NOW!

This forgotten vitamin helps you ‘go with the flow’

There’s a CRUCIAL nutrient found in the rinds of your favorite citrus fruits – like oranges, lemons, and limes.

In 1828, a French chemist first isolated it as the “bitter principle” of orange peel, particularly the white “pith” that sticks to the “meat” of the fruit.

It’s not vitamin C…

Though in the 1930s through 1950s, scientists thought it was so closely related that they named it “vitamin P.”

Your doc has NEVER told you to take THIS vitamin – I GUARANTEE it.

Vitamin P used to be a kind of “catch-all” phrase for the many protective antioxidants found in plants… which we now know as “bioflavonoids,” or just flavonoids.

And one of those citrus-based flavonoids — one that can protect YOU and YOUR HEART — is called hesperidin.

Herbal medicine uses it widely to address issues with everything from weak circulation and blood flow… to abnormal capillary leakiness.

That means it can help conditions like chronic venous insufficiency… and venous ulcers, a.k.a. sores from STAGNANT blood in your legs and/or feet.

How does it work?

In a 2011 study, researchers found that hesperidin stimulates the blood vessel walls (or “vascular endothelium”) to produce a compound called nitric oxide (NO).

And that, in turn, resulted in SIGNIFICANTLY wider, more flexible vessels (as measured by “flow-mediated dilation”) and improved vessel function.

In the study, hesperidin also reduced circulating levels of inflammatory markers like C-reactive protein (CRP).

And higher levels of NO are associated with reduced inflammation as well.

Other research has also found hesperidin to SCAVENGE free radicals in the blood… and SLAM THE BRAKES on cellular and DNA damage.

So, are you ready for your blood to FINALLY flow freely… as it brings NOURISHING oxygen to EVERY part of your body?

Imagine being able to say goodbye to stiff arteries

Experiencing the ultimate RELAXATION, taking the stress OFF of your heart…

And making the job of pumping blood EASY and NATURAL, just as it should be!

You can get hesperidin from drinking orange juice… but that’s A LOT of sugar and acid to introduce into your system.

Hesperidin is also found in other plants, like peppermint

But the best way to get the amount of hesperidin you need… and in a form that your body can use… is by taking a supplement.

It’s not a “quick fix” or a “shortcut” by any means. The study I mentioned above took place over the course of three weeks.

Most research shows that taking 100-150 mg daily is safe for up to six months.

Some researchers have combined it with vitamin C or another citrus nutrient, called diosmin

So, check with an integrative doc to see what the best approach for your particular health is.