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AGE-PROOFING trick blows cosmetic SHAMS out of the water

A “hangdog” expression has taken over your face…

Your “apple cheeks” have turned into jowls

And your plunging silhouette has been replaced by a turkey neck!

It happens when you’re over 60… or when menopause takes hold… and the signs of aging become too much to ignore any longer.

Your skin loses its tonebecomes loose… and turns pretty much every facial expression into a frown.

But you don’t have to LOOK “over the hill” – especially if you still FEEL young.

Your skin can SPRING BACK!

It just needs the help of an UNDERAPPRECIATED wild plant – one that’s LOADED with skin-renewing protein.

It’s been used for more than 2,000 years….

And it can FIRM UP your drooping skinCONTOUR your faceFILL IN those lines… and help you REGAIN your youthful look!

Keep a firm grip on young-looking skin

As nature takes its course… and your age begins to show on your face and neck… the “beauty” industry will try to sell you fillers to look younger.

But you don’t need a plastic surgeon… needles… or ANY invasive procedure, for that matter… to beat back aging.

Even those collagen-containing creams, serums, and toners are a SCAM – because collagen’s molecules are too BIG to be absorbed through your skin!

And that’s where white lupin (Lupinus albus) steps up to the plate.

It’s a wildflower that grows right here in North America as well as in the former USSR and throughout Europe.

Unlike those “beauty products” that are made from synthetic collagen, the active compound in lupin CAN be absorbed topically.

And once it gets through your skin… it gets to work.

Lupin seed extract contains lupeol — an anti-inflammatory blend of peptides, or protein building blocks

That makes the seeds BURSTING with protein… nearly as much as contained in a soybean!

And while proteins like fatty acids – also PACKED into lupin seed extract – are crucial for maintaining your skin’s health, there’s something BIGGER at play here.

Because lupeol acts like a set of JUMPER CABLES for your body’s collagen production.

You see, older bodies don’t make as much NEW collagen as they used to.

Especially after you turn 60

And ladies, ESPECIALLY after you’ve gone through “the change.”

Specifically, you lose your supply of collagen type 1 – the CRITICAL type of collagen for your skin.

It’s the kind that heals wounds… and the kind that allows for the MOST stretching and elasticity.

When you’re MISSING OUT on it, your skin sags… wrinkles… and weakens.

Lupeol can REVERSE that aging process, resulting in… 

  • FIRMER, TIGHTENED skin with INCREASED elasticity
  • RENEWAL of your skin’s visible outer layer, and
  • REDUCED wrinkle formation.

A patented version of the extract has been shown in studies to improve skin firmness by as much as 92%… and reduce facial sagging by 72%.

And all it took was just 42 days… to shed YEARS off their complexions.

Look for skincare products that contain the patented extract known by the brand name “Collageneer”… or that contain a standardized extract of lupeol.

Imposters may market expensive anti-aging cosmetics that say they’re lupin-based… but actually contain NONE of its active compound!

So, read the labels before committing to the investment.