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This condition SABOTAGES longevity… but you can REVERSE it in 2 weeks

It’s a condition that can reduce your life expectancy by MORE THAN A DECADE…

Yet there are STILL no good mainstream treatments for rheumatoid arthritis.

Folks with RA have gotten lost in the shuffle… as their docs feebly try to take the edge off the pain.

But they still can’t do A THING for your red, swollen, stiff joints.

They make it hard to move, especially first thing in the morning…

And over time, you can become disfigured… and PERMANENTLY damaged and disabled.

Because it involves an immune system that’s RUNNING WILD… rheumatoid arthritis is notoriously difficult to treat.

And blocking your immunity altogether – which is what Big Pharma’s drugs do – lowers your defenses against anything else that might come to attack you.

That’s why people with RA die sooner.

But you don’t have to cut your life short. 

There’s something else that RELIEVES pain… EXTINGUISHES inflammation… and PROTECTS against oxidative stress.

And it could help keep you out of an early grave.

Balance your immune reaction… don’t switch it OFF

It’s a flower that inspired some of the greatest painters in history, like Van Gogh… Monet… and Renoir.

Legend has it that it was named after Paeon, Greek mythology’s physician of the gods, who treated Ares (the god of war) on Mount Olympus in Homer’s epic poem The Iliad.

It’s the peony – and in China, it’s considered the “king of flowers.”

Specifically, the Chinese peony (Paeonia lactiflora, with “milky white flowers”) is used for medicinal purposes in Traditional Chinese Medicine…

And its most useful part is its dried root (a.k.a. Radix Paeoniae Alba).

The China Food and Drug Administration approved its root extract as a drug for rheumatoid arthritis in 1998.

And when you look at the science behind it… there’s NO QUESTION as to why.

First, it’s an inflammation-busting POWERHOUSE.

Studies have shown that this root extract RELIEVES PAIN by INHIBITING the production of inflammatory mediators – and not just reactive oxygen species (ROS) that can cause oxidative stress and damage.

Research has also shown Chinese peony extract to be associated with significantly lower levels of other markers of inflammation, including…

  • prostaglandin E2
  • leukotriene B4
  • nitric oxide, and
  • proinflammatory cytokines.

The most CRITICAL compound in Chinese peony root extract appears to be paeoniflorin — a monoterpene, water-soluble glucoside.

It doesn’t JUST beat back inflammation…

It also modulates your immune response to keep it in check.

That’s CRUCIAL when it comes to rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune condition whose hallmark is an overzealous immune reaction.

But unlike RA drugs, Chinese peony just NORMALIZES your immunity… rather than shutting it down.

Now, your local Chinese herbalist might know this type of peony better as “báisháo.”

But you can also find peony extract as a supplement in capsule form at your local health food store or online.

It’s safe to take in four-week blocks (with breaks in between) – with the only adverse events being some stomach upset.

What some folks might find more irritating is that the onset of noticeable benefits tends to be slow.

But you should feel a difference within two weeks.