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Docs BLOCKING cancer patient access to this healing Indian herb?

If you’ve submitted to any of the treatments the mainstream offers cancer patients

You know how much WORSE they can make you feel.

From “chemo brain“… to nausea and loss of appetite

Not to mention the PAIN… and damage to your healthy tissues.

Some folks with cancer find the “cure” worse than the disease!

But of course, you’ll do ANYTHING it takes to survive your cancer

As long as you can survive your treatments.

Fortunately, here’s where an ancient Ayurvedic herb can step in.

A cancer fighter in its own right, it’s also a powerful adjunct to cancer drugs.

But your doc may tell you this cancer-fighting herb comes from a KOOK!

Here’s why he’s wrong…

And how this herb can ALSO turn down the volume on the debilitating side effects of the sickening and damaging therapies touted by mainstream medicine.

Get this cancer therapy off the blacklist

Indian sarsaparilla (Hemidesmus indicus) isn’t true sarsaparilla — that is, the plants classified under the genus Smilax.

So, it’s often called “false sarsaparilla.”

But there’s NOTHING untrue about its reported health benefits!

In Ayurveda, this rejuvenating herb is known as “Ananthamoola,” “Anantamool,” or “Anantmula”… depending on the Sanskrit translation of the name that means “endless root.”

It‘s been used for THOUSANDS of years as medicine in the East Indies

But it wasn’t until 1831 that India-born physician and surgeon Dr. John Ashburner first introduced the medicinal root to Western Europe.

Unfortunately, Dr. Ashburner was PERSECUTED for his practice of homeopathy towards the end of his career…

And his herbal discovery has been SUPPRESSED for too long.

Fortunately, we know better now.

Indian sarsaparilla has demonstrated its anti-cancer properties against breast, colon, and other malignancies…

And that’s a good thing, of course.

But the mainstream is still SUSPICIOUS of anything that’s not a pharmaceutical drug… and claims to fight cancer.

If Big Pharma didn’t come up with it… it must be a HOAX!

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

But there is a way to get the mainstream to give this healing herb the benefit of the doubt…

Highlight how it can OFFSET the debilitating side effects of mainstream cancer treatments.

Indian sarsaparilla has been shown to…

  • EXTINGUISH inflammation
  • NEUTRALIZE oxidative stress and free radical damage
  • RELIEVE pain
  • STIMULATE appetite, and
  • IMPROVE memory.

Any cancer patient undergoing mainstream treatments would move heaven and earth just to achieve any ONE of these goals!

But Indian sarsaparilla can do it all.

No doc in his right mind would you deny you access to something that might make you feel better — even just a little bit — while you’re undergoing cancer treatments.

Especially something with as safe a track record as Indian sarsaparilla’s.

You don’t have to tell him how studies have shown that Indian sarsaparilla has significantly enhanced antitumor activity of not one but THREE different chemo drugs.

Or that Indian sarsaparilla is such a powerful antioxidant… it can COUNTERACT the toxicity of the cancer drug doxorubicin.

In fact, you don’t have to ask your doc for it at all!

Because you can buy the dried root as a loose herb or powder… or get its extract in tincture form… WITHOUT a prescription.

Look for it online or at your local health food store.

Ideally, you’d work with an integrative oncologist to work Indian sarsaparilla — or any other natural remedy — into your cancer-fighting protocol.

To surviving your cancer treatments,
Melissa Young