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ENSLAVED by your gout pain? Break free with this ‘sacred vine’

Gout may be known historically as the “Disease of Kings”…

But the STABBING pain you experience during a flare-up will have you shouting obscenities like you’re the town madman!

There’s NOTHING “regal” about a buildup of excess uric acid

Because all you get is a ROYAL PAIN in the toe!

As you hobble around, you might think NOTHING can beat feeling like your foot is ON FIRE

But Big Pharma might just prove you wrong.

Because their gout drugs can make you feel WORSE!

And each drug only targets ONE mechanism to relieve your condition.

Ditch the side effects and the one-trick ponies being peddled by your pharmacist.

Here’s an herbal alternative that will address EVERY aspect of gout… and will ONLY make you feel BETTER.

One-stop shop for gout relief

If there’s one herb that Ayurvedic healers would be CRIPPLED without, it’s giloy (Tinospora cordifolia).

Giloy has been REVERED for its sacred origins… as described in the ancient Indian text “The Ramayana.”

Practitioners of Ayurveda use this vine to treat everything from allergies and fever… to diabetes and pancreatitis!

Its stem is RICH in natural, healing compounds called alkaloids

And the stem extract provides a time-tested CURE for gout (called “vatarakta” in Ayurveda).

Now, if you were to complain of gout to your mainstream Western doctor, he’ll offer you only TWO options.

He can prescribe either…

  1. a uricostatic drug (a.k.a. xanthine oxidase inhibitor) to reduce how much uric acid your body produces, or
  2. a uricosuric drug to help your kidneys remove uric acid from your blood.


That first option can upset your stomachmake you drowsy… and even change your vision.

And the second option can make your head poundsend the room spinning… and cause pee problems.

But giloy is an all-natural option from Eastern medicine… with ZERO side effects at moderate doses!

And it accomplishes BOTH of these key anti-gout actions… and MORE.

Traditional use shows that giloy helps…

  • REDUCE uric acid formation
  • ELIMINATE uric acid via your kidneys
  • RELIEVE pain, and
  • EXTINGUISH inflammation.

Even better, giloy actually PROTECTS your gut while alleviating your discomfort!

NSAIDs, on the other hand, can irritate your stomach.

Look for the herbal extract labeled as “giloy satva” or “giloy powder”… or under its Sanskrit name, “guduchi.”

Regardless of whether you choose Western or Eastern therapies for your gout, it won’t FULLY resolve unless you make some dietary changes.

Avoid alcohol and sugars… and eliminate foods high in purines, like organ meats and anchovies.

To the herbs that can do it all,

Melissa Young