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Supplies of THIS sacred ‘tree therapy’ may be DOOMED… but YOU’RE not!

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancerarthritis… or even sciatica… there’s ONE herbal remedy that can keep ALL these conditions at bay 

But now we’re being told that our supplies are RUNNING OUT. 

A new report predicts that over the course of the next 20 years, worldwide production of a sacred, time-tested cure could be SLASHED in HALF 

By the year 2070, we could DECIMATE 90% of our supply of it 

Now, we’ll probably all be gone by then… but the apocalypse has already started. 

And although we won’t be DOOMED without it… it’s CRUCIAL that we put together a “Plan B” NOW. 

The 50-year countdown has begun 

The Boswellia sacra tree has been TREASURED for more than 2,000 years – particularly for its milky sap 

After peeling away layers of dry, papery bark, you can “milk” the boswellia tree trunk… and when its sap is dried, the result is known as frankincense  

You may know this resin best from its biblical reference — as one of the Magi’s three gifts to Baby Jesus upon his birth (along with myrrh and gold) 

In tribal and folk medicine, Africans have used it for THOUSANDS of years to treat DOZENS of medical conditions. 

It can SUPPRESS cancer growthELIMINATE pain and swelling… and REPAIR nerve damage 

But it’s become SO valuable – just as precious as gold, since biblical times – that we’ve OVERTAPPED it. 

Here’s the problem: When you tap a boswellia tree, its seeds germinate at a FRACTION of the rate of an untapped tree. 

Which means there are fewer young boswellia tree saplings to replace the ones that die off naturally or are “tapped out.” 

Experts claim that to help establish boswellia saplings, they should protect large areas from tapping for 5 to 10 years! 

And young boswellia trees don’t produce ANY resin until they’re at least 8 to 10 years old.  

That will SUPPRESS our supply of frankincense whether the trees survive or not! 

And that makes the impending shortage OUR problem, too. 

Fortunately, Mother Nature provides PLENTY of alternatives! 

Here are some other tree resins worth investigating: 

  • CANCER: agarwood, guggul (also endangered!)
  • INFLAMMATION: gumweed, myrrh 
  • NERVE PROTECTION: copaiba.

They contain many of the same types of active compounds as frankincense (namely, a group known as terpenes)…  

But they each might work a little differently, so do your research first. 

And if you’re burning incense… whether for spiritual purposes or just to uplift your mood… try spikenard with (or instead of) frankincense and myrrh.