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Ancient ‘Hindu herb’ CHASES cancer away without destroying YOU

Is it asking too much? 

When you’re weighing your cancer treatment options, you just want to KILL the tumor cells with something that WON’T kill off your healthy tissues 

“That’s just not possible,” your doc will tell you. 

But he’s wrong.  

Because there’s a way to BLOCK the survival of your cancerwith ZERO toxicity to the rest of you.   

It’s an ancient cure that’s been used in Eastern medicine for THOUSANDS of years 

A purifying tree extract that can ASSASSINATE cancer 

Even the TOUGHEST forms of the disease! 

Western medicine is WAY behind on this natural cancer therapy. 

But I’m going to get you up to speed… RIGHT NOW.  

Ancient wisdom from the East 

I GUARANTEE you’ve never heard of guggul (pronounced like “Google”) 

But you may have SMELLED it. 

Guggul tree bark is harvested for its fragrant resin, whose scent is similar to myrrh  

For nearly 3,000 years, Hindus have burned guggul incense to CAST OUT evil spirits and protect their home and family from the evil eye 

Ayurvedic healers have been using it for just as long – and for a NUMBER of different ailments. 

It’s only recently that Western medicine has started to believe that the MIRACULOUS powers of guggul could go beyond myth and mysticism… 

And that this ancient “tree cure” could help ERASE cancer. 

What appears to fuel guggul’s cancer fight is a plant sterol called guggulsterone 

According to a 2017 review published in Nutrition & Metabolism, guggulsterone can fight nearly every type of cancer you care about, including: 

  • pancreatic
  • head and neck 
  • esophageal 
  • colorectal 
  • breast 
  • prostate 
  • liver 
  • lung 
  • ovarian 
  • blood 

…and more 

Not only does it SUPPRESS inflammation, which is KEY to the formation of tumors… 

But it also HIJACKS a mechanism that makes cancer cells IMMORTAL! 

You see, all NORMAL cells have a kind of expiration date. They can only replicate so many times before their time is up. 

That’s when, like clockwork, they die… and give way to new, healthy cells. 

But CANCER cells have figured out a way to get AROUND this “programmed cell death” (a.k.a. apoptosis).   

They REFUSE to die on their own… which is why the mainstream uses such strong WEAPONS (like chemo and radiation) to kill them directly.  

Guggulsterone, however, doesn’t take “no” for an answer. 

It CONVINCES cancer cells to “off” themselves, by… 

  1. ACTIVATING signaling pathways that promote “cell suicide,” and 
  2. INHIBITING signaling pathways that help cancer cells survive.  

On top of that, this resin compound targets many of the factors that lead to tumor formation, growth, and metastasis… and SHUTS THEM DOWN. 

Even better, it helps SENSITIZE tumor cells that have resisted chemo drugs.  

That means you can use LESS chemo to achieve the same – or even BETTER – cancer-eliminating effects. 

And less chemo means less toxicity to the parts of you that are still healthy.  

Guggul extract and guggulsterone are available in the supplement aisle, often alongside formulas designed for cholesterol support 

Although it’s safe on its own, it can make blood thinners and thyroid meds work TOO well 

So, tread carefully and check with your doc first.  

As promising is guggul is in helping to treat cancer, there is a catch 

The guggul tree (known as both Commiphora mukul and Commiphora wightii) has been SO popular among Hindus and Ayurvedic practitioners… its supplies are RUNNING OUT. 

It’s now considered critically endangered 

And it will DISAPPEAR unless we figure out how to cultivate it outside of India.