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Beat back old age… and look younger… with this wild seed oil

As we get older, EVERYTHING starts to dry out.

The damage from free radicals really starts to take its toll…

And our skinhairnails… ALL become brittle and begin to flake, break, and crack.

Fortunately, you can send the visible signs of aging packing with a natural skin and hair protector.

This plant oil is not only nourishing if you’re a little on the older side…

It’s downright REVITALIZING!

If you’re ready to “trade in” your old face for a brand-new, youthful visage… here’s what you need to know about England’s “royal seeds.”

Give your skin the royal treatment

Carrot seed oil is a cold-pressed oil derived from the dried seeds of the wild carrot plant (Daucus carota).

It’s an ancestor to the traditional cultivated carrot you’ll find in the produce aisle…

And in Europe, wild carrot is known as “Queen Anne’s lace” because of its lacy-looking flowers.

For some crops, it’s considered a “beneficial weed.” Here in the U.S., however, many states consider it NOXIOUS!

Some farmers try everything in their power to ERADICATE it!

But these 5 benefits PROVE that we should be PRAISING the wild carrot for its age-fighting POWER:

  1. ANTIOXIDANTS like limonene and carotol help SLAM THE BRAKES on free radical damage that comes with aging.
  2. MOISTURIZING action can repair dry skinsmooth out wrinkles… and rejuvenate brittle hair.
  3. HEALING properties can help you GROW NEW SKIN!
  4. INFLAMMATION reducers like pinenes and myrcene help even out skintone and reduce redness.
  5. FUNGUS-FIGHTERS like camphene and sabinene keep your skin infection-free.

Don’t try to forage for it yourself in the wild. It looks too much like poison hemlock!

Fortunately, you can find carrot seed oil at your local health food store. Its benefits are unique and NOT the same as carrot oil… so read the label carefully.

Use carrot seed oil topically on your skin and hair rather than ingesting it.

Mix it with a carrier oil like coconut oil… and perform a patch test first to make sure it won’t irritate your skin or scalp.