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Could drug treatments for this CRIPPLING condition put you in an early grave?

Gout has a bad reputation – one that it has earned IN SPADES. 

Those crystals formed by excess uric acid can cause STABBING pain… and knock you off your feet.  

But the SHOCKING TRUTH is that people with gout are DYING – and no one seems to know why. 

The most common cause of death among gout patients is cardiovascular disease 

That’s true, too, for patients WITHOUT gout. 

But there’s something else that’s KILLING gout patients 

Because they’re likely to die prematurely from a number of OTHER diseases! 

And it’s not getting any better. 

It’s been decades — and the mainstream hasn’t managed to save any MORE lives of gout patients. 

No matter how many drugs they’ve thrown at them! 

As it turns out, those drugs may be WHY patients aren’t surviving this TREATABLE condition. 

Is this gout treatment POISONING you? 

Scientists call itexcess mortality.” 

It means TOO MANY are dying TOO SOON.

And gout in particular should NEVER be a killer. 

But a recent study out of Sweden found the OPPOSITE. 

Compared with those without the disease, gout patients had a 17% higher risk of death. 

They’re not dying from just the gout… but from ANY cause 

The most life-threatening complication appears to be kidney disease, which jacks the increased risk of mortality among gout patients up to 80%. 

It’s even WORSE for older gals… who’ve generally been EXCLUDED from past gout studies! 

This latest report, however, includes a HUGE sample size… and an unprecedented representation of women.  

Now, excess uric acid in your bloodstream (a.k.a. hyperuricemia) can damage the blood vessels in your organs, including your kidneys… 

And it can also wreck the spaces between the kidney tubules (a.k.a. interstitial damage). 

But we have MANY ways of reducing your body’s production of uric acid… AND increasing your excretion of it. 

And urate-lowering therapies are PROVEN to reduce the severity of and SLAM the brakes on the progression of kidney disease. 

There MUST be something else… 

The researchers behind this latest study suggest that it could be the DRUGS that patients are given for acute gout attacks!  

Those include diuretics and NSAIDs. 

This gets worse – because in addition to upping your risk of renal failure, taking NSAIDs may also contribute to your risk for cardiovascular death and gastrointestinal-related mortality. 

If you suffer from gout, you could have a 50% higher mortality rate from digestive diseases 

PROTECT your kidneys by taking these four steps to reduce your uric acid load: 

  1. Limit purines from foods like organ meats and lamb. 
  2. Cut back on alcohol and sugars like high-fructose corn syrup, which can increase uric acid levels. 
  3. Drink plenty of water to flush out your system. 
  4. Try unsweetened tart cherry juice, which can beat back recurrent attacks. 

Once you address the root cause of the gout pain, you won’t need to rely on taking NSAIDs to relieve it. 

If you need some pain relief in the meantime, try an herbal joint support formula or topical cream to ease the soreness and stiffness.