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CONQUER cancer… and feel BETTER… with this TABOO detox therapy

When your doc diagnoses you with cancer, you tell the world…  

“I’m going to beat this.” 

You’re tough. NOTHING can take you down without a fight. 

But there’s one cancer diagnosis that might make a liar out of you, no matter how hard you try to overcome it… 

Pancreatic cancer. 

Its survival rate is ABYSMAL. And despite all the treatments that the mainstream throws at it, those statistics have shown ZERO improvement. 

Chemo is a DEATH SENTENCE for some pancreatic cancer patients.  

It doesn’t EXTEND… or IMPROVE… lives. 

Complete eradication of the cancer almost NEVER occurs.  

Yet they’ve got NOTHING else to offer you. 

There is an unconventional treatment that offers some hope — even if your cancer is ADVANCED and INOPERABLE 

But it’s been SHUNNED by the conventional medical establishment! 

They dismiss it as “FAKE SCIENCE.” Here’s why they’re wrong. 

Controversy… or cure? 

There’s a treatment that docs have used for the last 150 years… if not more. 

Twentieth century medical textbooks ROUTINELY recommended it as “accepted medical practice” in mainstream medicine. 

At least… until 1972.  

After that, the mainstream took a COMPLETE about-face… and drove coffee enemas UNDERGROUND 

Now, if you dare SUGGEST this alternative therapy… even when there’s NO other optionthey’ll RAKE YOU OVER THE COALS.

They’ll use every SCARE TACTIC they can think of to dissuade you from trying it. 

They’ll say you’ll DIE from this caffeinated colon cleanse 

Well, you might die from pancreatic cancer WITHOUT it. At the very least, you’ll probably die SOONER without it. 

The feds actually funded some clinical research on coffee enemas and pancreatic cancer back in 2000… 

In a pilot study,  a treatment protocol that included coffee enemas kept 9 of 11 patients alive for over a year. 

One patient lasted five years! 

For ANY pancreatic cancer treatment to be successful in a clinical trial, the patients would only have to survive an average of 15 months 

And even that’s THREE TIMES as long as most advanced pancreatic cancer patients survive. 

The participants in Dr. Gonzalez’s study lived a median of 17 months 

But for some reason, the National Cancer Institute calls those results “conflicting.” 

The study was the brainchild of Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez. He was inspired to PROVE the science behind how coffee enemas can IMPROVE the survival rates of pancreatic patients by his mentor, Dr. William Kelley 

Unfortunately, Drs. Gonzalez and Kelley will BOTH go down in conventional medical history as QUACKS… and not the cancer-curing heroes that REALITY has proven them to be.  

Dr. Kelley was well on his way to CURING Hollywood idol Steve McQueen of lung cancer with coffee enemas and other cancer treatments BANNED by the feds (including an apricot seed treatment called laetrile).  

It was aggressive MAINSTREAM cancer treatments that ultimately knocked the infamous “tough guy” down for the count.  

But once McQueen did die, Dr. Kelley was BLACKLISTED 

And the cancer industry is still reeling from the aftershocks, nearly 40 years later. 

It’s no wonder that Dr. Gonzalez was VILLAINIZED for continuing Dr. Kelley’s pioneering work with coffee enemas. 

He was guilty by association! 

After his unexpected death in 2015, he can no longer defend himself. 

But there are plenty of patients who SWEAR that they feel better after getting a coffee enema.  

The FDA hasn’t approved The Gonzalez Protocol for pancreatic cancer… but it hasn’t banned it, either.  

Fortunately, this regimen – which relies heavily on the use of pancreatic enzymes — is still being offered to cancer patients by Dr. Gonzalez’s former partner, Dr. Linda Isaacs. 

Find out about becoming a patient of her New York City private practice at 

Coffee enemas are also a key element of the Gerson Therapy, first made famous by German-born physician Dr. Max Gerson in the 1950s – when flushing out your colon with coffee wasn’t yet considered such a CRAZY idea. 

It’s currently BANNED in the U.S. by the FDA… 

But if you want to try it, you can cross the border and visit the Northern Baja Gerson Center outside Rosarito, Mexico 

No matter WHO is trying to sell you on a DIY “detoxing device,” don’t try this at home. 

A cancer clinic that specializes in coffee enemas will provide a sterile, clinical environment and a care provider who knows EXACTLY how to do it properly 

They’ll use the PERFECT amount of an exceptionally mild blend of coffee… at just the right temperature.