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[Urgent Warning] Dehydration could make diabetes turn DEADLY!

It was one of the first signs that something was wrong. 

You were constantly parched. 

There wasn’t enough water in the world to keep you from feeling thirsty.  

That’s how most folks get clued into the fact that they’ve developed type 2 diabetes 

But a dry mouth isn’t just a symptom of the disease… 

It’s a key element in blood sugar control. 

And if you want to keep those glucose spikes in check, you might need more than just 8 glasses of water from the tap.  

There’s a simple trick to achieving ULTIMATE hydration… and it comes straight off the battlefield! 

The tropical secret to whole-body rehydration 

Last week, we all watched in awe as American veterans returned to Normandy to be honored upon the 75th anniversary of D-Day. 

Too many never returned home from the shores of German-occupied France… 

And if it weren’t for their sacrifice, we might’ve never defeated the Nazis. 

But even our troops who managed to escape unscathed by gunfire struggled with yet another devastating effect of wartime deployment.  


Now, even under NORMAL circumstances, not getting enough water – or losing too much of it – can be DEADLY.  

You overheat… you might lose consciousness… and your organs start to fail. 

During World War II, simply drinking plain ol’ water wasn’t enough to keep our soldiers hydrated. It got fluid into their digestive tracts… but not necessarily into their CELLS.  

That’s why medics turned to something else, especially when their supply of saline ran shortcoconut water! 

What seems like a modern-day, trendy “health drink” was actually a sterile, electrolyte-packed ESSENTIAL for rehydration! 

You see, it’s not even “water, per se… although it does contain 95% water.  

It’s a clear fluid found in young, green coconuts (Cocos nucifera), known as “coconut liquid endosperm.”  

It’s what eventually hardens to become the white “meat” of a mature coconut. 

The electrolytes found in uncontaminated, raw coconut water are so similar to human plasma… docs can inject it DIRECTLY into the bloodstream. 

Hopefully, you’ll NEVER get so dehydrated that you’ll need an emergency IV of coconut water. 

You can start hydrating yourself today… and keeping your type 2 diabetes in check… by simply drinking it. 

Studies have shown that consuming coconut water can actually bring glucose and Hb1Ac levels down… and KEEP them down! 

We don’t yet know exactly WHICH of the vitamins, minerals, or natural salts in coconut water we have to thank for these effects…  

But we DO know that together, they make coconut water an antioxidant POWERHOUSE. 

That means it can protect your kidneys from taking a beating, too.  

Kidney disease and damage (a.k.a. diabetic nephropathy) are some of the most common complications of diabetes.  

Left unprotected, your kidneys can fail… and you can find yourself on dialysis for the rest of your (shortened) life. 

Dehydration accelerates that process! 

The more fluid you lose… the more your blood glucose begins to SOAR. 

And having diabetes makes rehydrating a little more complex than just downing a bottle of water or a sports drink. 

To keep an eye on your hydration levels, don’t wait until you feel thirsty. Look into the toilet bowl after you pee. 

The lighter your urine is… the more hydrated you are. Anything darker than light yellow means you’re drying out. 

Don’t wait to do something about it. Dehydration can become fatal in just a matter of hours.  

And the damage to your kidneys could be IRREVERSIBLE.  

Coconut water is best from its natural source – but few of us have access to unripened coconuts right off the tree.  

If you go for pre-packaged coconut water, watch out for added sugars or artificial sweeteners.  

Choose an unsweetened version instead.