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‘Garden secret’ PURGES all signs of stress… from your mind AND body!

We all feel overwhelmed sometimes.

Between issues with family… money… and our health… it’s no wonder we get stuck in a vicious cycle of stress.

If only there were something that could help us cope with those daily challenges – the big ones AND the little ones.

Well, our prayers have been answered…

Because there’s an aromatic plant that’s SO effective at calming you down… it’s one of the most REVERED herbs out there.

At least, it is in Southeast Asia, where Hindus WORSHIP it for its divine energy.

Christians on the other side of the world, too, have become attuned to its purifying qualities… and often add it to their holy water.

But most practitioners of Western medicine would rather dope you up with dangerous and addictive drugs before they EVER take a leaf from an ancient spiritual tradition!

Here’s why they’ve got it all wrong.

Stress is no match for this holy herb

In the Sanskrit language, tulsi is known as “the incomparable one”…

And its ability to bring calmness and clarity in times of strife is truly BEYOND COMPARE.

Its Latin name, Ocimum sanctum, translates to mean “holy basil”…

And while it does belong to the basil family (Lamiaceae), tulsi isn’t your garden-variety culinary herb!

The most ancient religious texts of Hinduism call it the most sacred plant on earth… because it offers divine protection from mental hardship.

But its significance isn’t just spiritual…

In the ancient medical tradition of Ayurveda, it’s the preeminent herb for bringing lightness and clarity to your mind… through very REAL physiological changes.

You see, tulsi is classified as a type of stress-busting herb, called an adaptogen.

You may already be familiar with two other adaptogens, ashwagandha and ginseng, which are known to promote overall wellbeing and resilience to stressors.

And among these, tulsi is one of the finest adaptogens you can find ANYWHERE.

Its ability to counteract anxiety is so powerful, its effects have been found to be comparable to prescription meds like diazepam (a.k.a. Valium).

For instance, tulsi has shown to improve nearly EVERY aspect of a stressed-out life, including:

  • bedroom problems
  • sleep disturbances
  • cognitive issues (slow reaction times, errors, forgetfulness), and
  • exhaustion.

And that means it’s improved overall scores for general stress, too.

But this is no gift from the Hindu gods… and you don’t have to believe in Vishnu to reap its benefits.

Tulsi contains compounds that lower blood levels of stress hormones AND reduce inflammation.

And those are two of the biggest culprits behind anxiety attacks!

There are two types of tulsi – Shyama (or Krishna) and Rama – that are more or less equivalent.

Here in this country, you’ll probably find it in powdered form or as a liquid extract labeled as simply “tulsi”… though translations vary and may call it “tulasi” or “thulasi.”

In India, it’s most commonly consumed as a hot tea– and you should be able to find tea bags of tulsi at your local health food store.

If not, why not grow your own… like the Hindu people of India do?

You may find your stressed-out neighbors making a pilgrimage to your garden to snip a twig or two for themselves…