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Beat back brain rot with this African ‘warrior cocktail’

You struggle for the right word… and agonize over even the most familiar names and faces. 

It can feel like your brain is wasting away. 

But it’s not just a matter of getting old… 

Something could literally be ROTTING your mind. 

Whether it’s excess inflammation… a bacterial infection… or some other mysterious mechanism we haven’t quite figured out yet… addressing the cause can REVERSE the symptoms! 

One of the most promising ways to save your brain is actually a trick developed by ancient tribes to keep food from spoiling 

And it can keep your brain from turning to mush, too. 

Preserve your precious memories 

For ages, the Zulu warriors of South Africa relied on drinking a special type of fermented milk to keep them physically strong… and mentally sharp as a tack. 

This “soured” milk worked so well at helping the Zulu people come to power, it gained the reverence of ALL South Africans…   

And for hundreds of years, amasi has been a staple of their diets.  

The fermenting initially came out of necessity – without refrigeration, there was no way to keep their dairy fresh. 

Although they didn’t yet understand the science behind it, they’d learned the hard way how consuming spoiled food and beverages can make you sick. 

But it turns out that this method of preserving milk can ALSO do wonders for saving your precious memories. 

That’s because like many other fermented foods and beverages, amasi is JAM-PACKED with beneficial bacteria 

And because much of your brain function actually comes from your gut, probiotics are ESSENTIAL to keeping your wits about you.  

But while maintaining your “gut health” is a big part of keeping your brain healthy… it’s not JUST about fully stocking your microbiome with a diverse array of beneficial bacterial strains.   

Research has shown that probiotics can specifically boost your brain activity in several ways: 

  • REDUCING inflammation that can damage the brain, nerves, and blood vessels. 
  • BALANCING hormones 
  • FACILITATING the production of brain chemicals (a.k.a. neurotransmitters), and 
  • HELPING your body absorb nutrients 

For instance, some strains of these so-called “good bugs” found in a healthy gut are known to contribute to the production of the neurotransmitter GABA 

When GABA isn’t working properly, you can feel anxiouslose sleep… and watch helplessly while your cognitive function takes a NOSEDIVE. 

There’s something else… 

When you’ve got enough of the “good guys” populating your gut bacteria, it forces the “bad guys” out.  

So just as fermenting milk into amasi beats back food-borne pathogens… drinking amasi can do the same for your gut. 

It’s particularly effective against one nasty bacterial strain, E. coli. 

This bug doesn’t just make you sick… 

According to a 2016 study out of UC Davis, E. coli can INVADE your brain and WREAK HAVOC. 

Researchers have found COLONIES of E. coli congregating in the amyloid deposits of brains stricken with Alzheimer’s.   

Around the world, amasi is made commercially with various types of lactic acid-based bacteria – namely, Lactococcus lactis  

But it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find amasi in any U.S. store. 

You could make your own – amasi starter can be ordered and recipes can be found online. 

Or, you can also drink another fermented milk beverage called kefir. Its probiotics on your brain are more or less equivalent to amasi.