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[BUSTED] Mainstream MYTH leads to deadly brain bleeds

One of the WORST things to happen to modern medicine is our OBSESSION with lowering cholesterol.

Ever since Big Pharma realized it could hit the jackpot by pushing statins on pretty much every living, breathing human being…

Docs have been BRAINWASHED into believing that lowering your LDL is like the holy grail of heart health.

This anti-cholesterol cult prays for ways to make your lipid levels take a nosedive.

But as it turns out, you CAN go too low.

In fact, according to the latest research, you may not want to lower your cholesterol AT ALL!

Because if you do, it might put you in the crosshairs for a DEADLY brain injury.

How low can you go?

The latest to come out of a long-term study from Harvard University SHOULD knock some sense into the mainstream when it comes to aggressively lowering cholesterol.

Women with very LOW levels of “bad cholesterol” were MORE likely to have a hemorrhagic stroke than women with higher levels.

We’re talking LDL that bottoms out at less than 70 mg/dL – which is right where the mainstream wants it.

But for the women in the study, toeing that mainstream line more than DOUBLED their risk.

Now, the study’s lead researcher STILL claims that lowering cholesterol can reduce your risk of stroke in general and ischemic stroke…

Hemorrhagic stroke is FAR more severe than ischemic stroke.

It has such an ABYSMAL survival rate… many of those afflicted NEVER reach the hospital alive.

And among those that do, HALF die within a month.

Even triglycerides — which nearly EVERYBODY agrees are bad for you and should be kept in check — didn’t turn out to be the enemy they’re usually made out to be.

The risk of hemorrhagic stroke was significantly increased among the group whose triglyceride levels were the LOWEST… even when compared to the group whose levels were the HIGHEST.

Here’s the craziest thing…

The participants with the lowest levels of “bad cholesterol” weren’t unhealthy by ANY means.

They were youngerthinner… and more active.

They were also LESS likely than the “high” cholesterol group to have a history of hypertension

And their low cholesterol levels WEREN’T a result of taking meds. (When their blood was drawn in the 1990s, statins weren’t the cash cow they are today.)

The researchers are BAFFLED… even though past studies have shown the same exact results. (Researchers have managed to pooh-pooh it all thus far…)

After all, rock-bottom cholesterol is SUPPOSED to keep your blood pressure low… which is SUPPOSED to keep your brain from leaking on the inside (a.k.a. intracerebral hemorrhaging).

But according to these latest findings, it’s not that simple.

Now, this wasn’t some little study on a small set of patients.

It involved nearly 28,000 women who had been enrolled in the Women’s Health Study… and it took place over the course of TWO DECADES.

In fact, follow-ups with these women are STILL ongoing.

But I’m not surprised ONE BIT.

Your brain is MADE OF FAT… which means your brain NEEDS fat to stay healthy!

Even those “unhealthy” fats that everybody loves to freak out about.

If you don’t get enough fat… your brain becomes more susceptible to internal bleeding that interferes with its function.

It’s as simple as that.

To keep your own brain from leaking blood, stop focusing on whether your cholesterol numbers are “high” or “low.”

Use natural means of keeping your blood pressure in an optimal range… and “just say no” to statins!