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Military secret weapon threatens Americans in 41 states [Silent Killer?]

They call them “wind farms”… but they’re NOTHING like the rural landscapes of our childhood.

You might imagine rolling hills… big, red barns… cows at pasture… and a lone windmill, turning in the breeze.

But as you drive through America’s “heartland,”that pastoral scene is NOWHERE to be found.

Kansas, Texas, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, even California– they’ve all been taken over by TENS OF THOUSANDS of wind turbines.

And as these clusters grow and spread, they get closer and closer to where people live and work.

These turbines convert wind power into electricity that feeds our power grid…

But this “clean energy” comes at a price.

Because if one of these turbines lands on your neighbor’s lawn — or yours — you could find yourself in the crosshairs for some serious health problems.

And if you even SUGGEST that they could be coming from the local wind farm… they’ll tell you it’s all IN YOUR HEAD.

Because the health impact reports  to date have been studying the WRONG THING!

An acoustic act of war

They were the words that vindicated wind energy victims everywhere.

According to one of our country’s preeminent health experts, Dr. Carl Phillips, “The failure of models to explain the observed problems does not deny the problems.”

Prior to that, researchers had studied exposure to wind turbine noise… and come up with nothing.

But in his 2011 peer-reviewed report, Dr. Phillips came to two other major conclusions:

  1. The evidence that wind turbines cause serious health problems in nearby residents was “overwhelming.”
  2. The rate at which those illnesses were emerging was significant.

We’re talking significant signs of stress – like insomnia and hypertension – as well as “mystery” symptoms like nausea and headaches.

And as long as the turbines are turning, these symptoms NEVER go away.

Other“scientists” have claimed that those who fall ill are crazy… or even brainwashed by anti-wind energy activists.

But they’re NOT hypochondriacs… and their ailments are VERY REAL.

And they may be because of a SILENT health hazard that’s coming out of those wind farms…

It’s “infrasound” – or noise that’s at such a low frequency (below 20 Hz), it’s outside our normal hearing range.

Low Frequency Noise (LFN) has previously been linked to fatigue, poor concentration, and dizziness.

But some folks say that it’s not there… or it poses NO threat… just because they can’t hear it!

Well, you can’t see UV light… but you can still get a killer sunburn.

And you can actually FEEL these low-pressure and low-frequency vibrations… in the REST of your body.

In fact, these vibrations are SO damaging… the U.S. military has WEAPONIZED them for non-lethal use!

According to a shocking report by the U.S. Air Force Institute For National Security Studies, long wavelength sound can even make you feel disorientated and unbearably nauseous.

But if they wanted to, soldiers could dial the technology up a notch to potentially damage organs or even take the life of an enemy.

It’s a form of SONIC WARFARE!

Minimizing exposure to surrounding homes by placing those turbines far enough away could solve these problems… theoretically.

But NO ONE has defined a national standard for how much space needs to be between housing and the wind project (called “setbacks”).

When it’s left up to individual organizations or town or county ordinances…  people end up too close to these treacherous turbines!

Besides, even if a national standard were to be established… it might not be enough.

Because LFN can travel long distances… and easily penetrate most buildings and vehicles.

And that makes it particularly insidious — exactly why it was so appealing to our military forces in battle.

Big Energy has offered one “cure” for wind turbine-related illnesses: Move away.

Right now, only nine states have ZERO wind farms: Kentucky, Virginia, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

Surely, that will change soon.

To find out about wind projects near you… including those still under construction… visit the “Wind IQ” tool on the website of the American Wind Energy Association at