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CRUSH cravings… and KEEP weight off… without this SHAM procedure

Your stomach is growling… your mouth is watering… and you can’t think of ANYTHING but your next meal.

But the sad truth is that if you’re carrying around A LOT of excess weight… you’re not exactly underfed.

You may find yourself wishing there were an “off” switch for your overactive appetite.

There is.

You can SHUT DOWN those hunger pangs that cause you to overeat.

You can MELT away the pounds that are dragging you down.

But you DON’T need the crazy new procedure that’s about to be pushed on overweight folks…

Because it’s just an excuse to cash in on yet another medical device – one that doesn’t even promote weight loss that LASTS.

Hack your hunger hormone

First they told us to take dangerous and addictive diet pills to curb our appetites.

Then they figured out a way to shrink our stomachs… so we’d eat less… and still feel full.

But those appetite suppressants and gastric band surgeries have ALWAYS come up short.

And Americans are more overweight than ever.

So what does the mainstream do?

Come up with an even CRAZIER idea to slam the brakes on hunger!

It’s called a “bariatric embolism”… and it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Naturally occurring embolisms are life-threatening conditions where an object – usually a blood clot – blocks an artery and blocks blood flow.

In this case, somebody had the bright idea to INTENTIONALLY block one or more arteries to the stomach…

And they’re doing it with tiny squishy plastic balls.

Specifically, the recent Bariatric Embolization of Arteries for the Treatment of Obesity (BEAT Obesity) trial used “Embosphere microspheres” made of acrylic copolymer by device manufacturer Merit Medical.

And of course MULTIPLE authors of the study are on Merit Medical’s payroll!

The theory is that the blockage inhibits the endocrine functions of the upper part of the stomach (a.k.a. the gastric fundus).

With less of the “hunger hormone” ghrelin secreted… you eat less… and lose weight.

The procedure had done just that in previous animal studies. The BEAT Obesity trial was the first time it was tried on humans.

In the clinical trial, 20 patients had an average of nearly 150 pounds of excess weight to lose.

And they DID lose SOME of it… at least, at first.

Within a year, they’d lost an average of 11.5% of their baseline body weight.

That may sound like a success…

But the devil’s in the details.

They lost MOST of the weight within the first month, when their appetites were fully suppressed.

But six months in, they’d already started packing the pounds back on… as they started feeling hungrier.

At the one-year mark, 3 of the 20 patients had gained ALL THE WEIGHT back!

I’d call that grossly USELESS.

The researchers suggest repeating the embolization procedure to get it working again…

But how many little plastic balls do you want floating around inside your body?

Even the study’s authors don’t know how safe… or effective… this would be.

Especially since each procedure zaps you with a big ol’ radiation dose of 5255 mGy.

They’re not even suggesting that bariatric embolism REPLACE bariatric surgery… diet… or exercise.

You’d STILL have to do ALL of them!

Never mind the fact that there are natural… safe… and NON-INVASIVE ways to hack your hunger hormone.

Some non-stimulant ghrelin blockers from nature include:

  • cinnamon
  • peppermint
  • Caralluma fimbriataextract
  • yacon

You can get them all in the supplement aisle or online.

There are two more things you can do to keep your hunger hormone in check… and pull the plug on the signals telling you to EAT all the time.

Exercise… and get enough sleep.