[Outbreak!] Why are the feds so tight-lipped about this TERRIFYING fungus?

If you’re feeling feverishachy… and fatigued… it might not just be the flu.

it could be what the CDC is calling “a serious global health threat.

It’s a newly-discovered germ — a drug-resistant fungus.

Itdoesn’t just INFECT you… it INVADES you.

And its mortality rate is egregiously high.

The feds are SCRAMBLING to control this infection…while under a gag order that prevents them from disclosing the information to the public.

You won’t hear about an outbreak from your local hospital or government…

They don’t want to be ratted out as “infection hubs”… so they won’t breathe a word!

So, here’s everything you need to know… that they REFUSE to tell you.

A predatory supervillain

There’s an emerging threat to your health that you need to know about now… before you’re exposed to it… and it gets you in its clutches.

So far, it’s hit patients in 12 U.S. states — often in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes.

And it shows NO sign of stopping.

It’s Candida auris – and it’s found all over the world, in the soil and in people.

Unlike other Candida strains (including your common “yeast infection”), you can catch it from somebody else.

You can spread it…. but you CAN’T get rid of it.

Because it’s evolved defenses against ALL drug treatments!

According to the CDC, more than 90%of infections resist at least one of the major antifungal drugs used to treat Candida infections — fluconazole, amphotericin B, and echinocandins .

And this “superbug” getting smarter – 30%of infections resist two or more major drugs.

In fact, it’s dividing and conquering

There are four different strains of C. auris that have been identified so far.

Although “auris” is the Latin word for ear, where it was first discovered in a Japanese patient in 2009… this yeast can infect and spread to many other parts of your body.

In fact, about half of Americans diagnosed with C. auris have had it in their bloodstream.

And that means it could go anywhere.

That’s also what makes it so lethal.

In a New York City outbreak that lasted from 2013 to 2017, more than a quarter of infected patients died within one month.

It killed nearly HALF of them within 3 months.  

Right now, the CDC considers it as serious a threat as MRSA 

But it’s getting worse.

It preys upon patients who are most vulnerable, including those who:

  • have weakened immune systems, such as older folks
  • are diabetic
  • have had recent surgery
  • require devices like central venous and urinary catheters, mechanical ventilation, and gastrostomy (a.k.a. food) and other tubes
  • are using broad-spectrum antibiotics and antifungals.

Early detection is CRUCIAL for containing its spread… but standard testing methods make it difficult to identify and diagnose.

And you could be a carrier for it… without showing ANY symptoms… for up to A YEAR.

All the mainstream can do is quarantine you… and scrub the heck out of you and everything that touches you.

But C. auriscan last on your skin… and surfaces like chairs, bedrails, blood pressure cuffs, and even windowsills… for a long time.

And the surface disinfectants that hospitals routinely use WON’T necessarily get rid of it.

Of all the anti-fungal drugs out there, C. aurisappears to be MOST susceptible to echinocandins.

But the more we use those drugs, the more quickly the yeast will learn to resist them – just as it has with the other anti-fungals.

Taking antibiotics – especially broad-spectrum ones – sets the stage for the overgrowth of any Candida strain.

But this is one you don’t even want to TRY to mess with.

Healthcare providers and government officials may not want to incite panic… but the way they’re covering up the URGENCY of this situation is ATROCIOUS.

There is hope…

Essential oils are one of the only treatments that have proven effective against multi-drug resistant pathogens.

A 2017 study published in Molecules describes how the essential oils of plants in the genus Calligonum(members of the buckwheat family) can work with hennotannic acid (a.k.a. lawsone, found in henna) to inhibit the growth of C. auris.

Unfortunately, both these compounds are practically impossible to find (although henna is widely available as a dye for skin and hair).

When will the mainstream WAKE UP and DEFEND us against these villains… with a PROACTIVE, natural battle plan?