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DEFEND your youth… with this ancient ‘immortality fruit’

Who wants to live forever… unless you can live WELL?

Americans are living longer than ever….

But they’re also living the last years of their lives SICKER than ever.

So much for those “golden years.”

Nobody wants to helplessly watch themselves grow old

Even if you ARE old, you certainly don’t want to LOOK it!

But you don’t have to accept the ravages of time.

You can extend your good life… and stay YOUNGER than you ever imagined possible… with an ancient Ayurvedic “tree trick.”

A gift from the heavens

Ancient Hindu manuscripts tell a story about a fight that occurred between gods and demons…

During the scuffle… as good triumphed over evil… drops of an “immortality nectar” were accidentally spilled onto the earth.

And in Hinduism, that’s the story of how we got the fruiting tree that bears amla (Phyllanthus emblica).

Better known as the Indian gooseberry, amla is still considered “supremely holy” to those of the Hindu faith.

One of the main deities of Hinduism, Lord Vishnu, reportedly favored the fruit so much… he chose to make the amla tree his home.

Hindus dedicate an entire holy day to amla – known as Amalaka Ekadashi, one of the main celebrations of Holi, the festival of colors.

When they pray to the tree, their worship earns them Vishnu’s grace.

But what they really want from the supreme being… is a long, happy, and healthy life.

And that’s exactly what amla can do for you – no religious ritual necessary.

Indian gooseberry can turn back the clock on visible signs of aging in 3 key ways:

  1. It’s a “natural cognitive enhancer,” as revealed by a 2016 study out of Bangladesh, in which Indian gooseberry extract helped increase memory retention in rats treated with it.
  2. Its vitamin E content protects your skinenhances hair growth… strengthens your roots to slow or stop hair loss… and enriches hair color.
  3. It helps increase the production of collagen, the protein that provides elasticity to your skin and gives the appearance of youthfulness. (That’s how it also helps speed up the healing of wounds.)

It’s also PACKED with antioxidant and anti-inflammatorypowers

And if there’s anything that can age you faster than a speeding bullet, it’s inflammation and free radical damage.

You may be able to find Indian gooseberries fresh or frozen at specialty Indian stores.

You’re more likely to find it in dried or powdered form at your local health food stores or online, where it might be labeled as “Indian gooseberry,” “amla,” or “Amalaki.”

You can eat or drink it… but not everybody loves the sour taste.

For a more youthful-looking complexion, mix it with water for a facial mask. Wash it off once it dries.

To wash those grays right out of your hair… and keep your hair from falling out and clogging up your drain… try making a thick paste and applying it to the roots as a shampoo.