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Sweating bullets? Extinguish anxiety with this ‘sweat lodge’ secret

When anxiety strikes, all you want to do is make it stop.

But unfortunately for too many older Americans, the plague of anxiety NEVER goes away

Even if you know there’s no imminent threat.

And it can take over your body… and your mind.

Your breathing quickens… your heart races… and you may even break a sweat.

Those all-consuming overreactions may be chronic… and even interfere with your daily life… but they’re NOT irreversible.

You don’t need a pill to put a damper on your distress…

You can feel mentally uplifted… and FINALLY calm… thanks to a sacred incense from ancient Mesoamerica.

The blood of the trees

The incense known as copal is actually a resin that comes from a tree in the torchwood family,Protium copal.

Ancient Mayans considered oozing resin the “blood” of the trees. Both are produced in response to an injury as part of the healing process.

And because the trees were sacred, so was their blood.

Spiritual leaders used copal in “sweat lodge” ceremonies… and offered it to the gods in sacred rituals at ancient Mayan temples.

The incense is even included in the most sacred Mayan manuscript, the Popol Vuh.

It’s been used extensively since pre-Columbian times

But it’s never really made its way farther north than Central America or Mexico.

A recent report may change that.

In a 2018 study on rats, Canadian researchers found that inhaling smoke from burning copal improved both social interaction and conditioned emotional response.

The latter of those two means that even if the animals had been TRAINED to be afraid of something… breathing the incense made them FEARLESS.

The researchers also found that copal works on two targets: the neurotransmitter GABA and the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

GABA is known for boosting mood… and busting anxiety. That’s probably why it’s so helpful in improving sleep.

That’s the same mechanism targeted by benzos. But copal won’t turn you into a junkie OR a zombie.

The ECS inhibits the fear response — so you can stay focused, even under the most anxiety-provoking of situations.

That’s why so many folks who are addled with anxiety rely on CBD and THC to calm them down.

Now, this study is brand new… and the first of its kind.

It was also conducted on rodents, not humans.

But it’s incredibly promising…

It aligns with what we already know about how anxiety works… and how to beat it.

Copal contains high quantities of alpha- and beta-amyrin, two triterpenes that have exhibited anti-anxiety effects when extracted from other plants.

In fact, the entire class of chemicals known as triterpenoids have shown to reduce anxiety and increase mental function.

If you want to try copal for yourself, look online for the most unadulterated version you can find.

Some “trendy” aromatherapy and fragrance companies have begun to sell candles and incenses labeled “copal”… but you don’t know what kind of impurities are in there.

If you find copal in some other form… like an essential oil… don’t eat it.

Its anti-anxiety effects need to be delivered straight to your brain – through your nose.