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CONQUER the ‘change of life’ with the one-two punch of this berry cooler

As your ovaries shrivel up and stop working, your body’s changes can be aggravatingupsetting… and even embarrassing.

It’s not just the loss of your “womanhood.”

Between the mood swingstemperature spikes… and sleepless nights… you’re MISERABLE.

Your doc will offer hormone replacement therapy – but that can up your risk of breast cancer and threaten your heart health.

Fortunately, there’s something ELSE that can restore the delicate balance of your “female hormones”… while actually PROTECTING you from heart disease.

And you won’t get any of the bleeding, bloating, or headaches that women on HRT frequently suffer from.

You can get relief from a special kind of cooling berry… and it works like NO OTHER natural menopausal treatment you’ve tried.

What Europe’s most mature women know…

You may have already heard about estrogens that you can get from plants – a.k.a. phytoestrogens.

They gently mimic your body’s own estrogen… and that can help beat back the symptoms of menopause.

But estrogen is only HALF of the story.

Because women have TWO DIFFERENT sex hormones… BOTH of which are thrown out of balance as we go through “the change.”

And the mainstream has IGNORED the other one – progesterone.

That’s where the berry of the chaste tree… or simply “chasteberry”… steps in.

Also known as “Vitex” (from its Latin name, Vitex agnus-castus) it’s used to address female hormonal issues in Germany and the rest of Europe.

But here in the States, your doc may scoff at the mere MENTION of it.

Chasteberry does have some history of use in this country… only to treat PMSsymptoms in women of childbearing age.

Now, the mainstream will have NO CHOICE but to admit that we can preserve a woman’s vitality even after she loses her fertility.

And chasteberry is CRUCIAL to maintaining a good quality of life in menopausal and post-menopausal women.

If you’ve gone through “the change” yourself, you know the worst part is the wonky way your body regulates heat.

The resulting “vasomotor” symptoms – hot flashes and night sweats – can WRECK your sleep and make your waking hours a living hell (and just as hot).

According to a 2011 study on menopausal women, chasteberry extract can reduce the severity of hot flashes.

The women in the study also had FEWER hot flashes, compared to placebo — after just eight weeks of treatment.

But you don’t have to wait two months for relief…

Because they STARTED to feel a difference in just TWO WEEKS.

Compared to the control group, the women who took Vitex also experienced statistically significant decreases in night sweats.

And it’s no wonder that it also relieved their insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Chasteberry does contain phytoestrogens… but it ALSO works on your body’s progesterone-dependent processes.

And there have been very few studies of this mechanism… in ANY plants!

But we know that chasteberry contains the flavonoid vitexin, a type of apigeninthat binds to the progesterone receptors in your body.

Its action is fairly weak… so you don’t have to worry about getting too much of a good thing with chasteberry.

Combine that with the presence of an estrogen receptor-binding compound called penduletin, and you can CONQUER menopause from BOTH points of attack.

And because it reduces your levels of prolactin, you don’t have to worry about your risk of hormone-dependent cancers.

As if that weren’t enough, chasteberry also OPTIMIZES your brain chemicals… like dopamine and serotonin… to improve your mood.

You can find extracts of dried ripe chasteberry in capsule and liquid forms or included in hormonal support formulas for women.