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Ancient tribal secret makes your love life SOAR

It’s a vicious cycle.

You’re stressed out… and it gets in the way of “getting it on.”

Of course, a good bedroom romp is one of the BEST ways to relieve stress.

But when you’re trying hard… and things go soft… it’s easy to be really hard on yourself.

And that just makes the situation more stressful.

Many men don’t fill a prescription because they can’t stand the side effects… or they can’t afford the drugs in the first place.

Fortunately, an ancient herbal tonic can GET your motor running… and KEEP it running… until your wife BEGS you to stop.

Get your mojo back

Damiana (Turnera diffusa Willd.) is so effective at turning up the heat between the sheets, it’s as though it’s a gift from Aphrodite herself!

Also known as Turnera aphrodisiaca, damiana is a shrub that’s native to Southwest Texas and across the border in Mexico.

And its use among lovers dates back to the ancient Mayans.

Spanish missionaries reported that the indigenous Mexicans swore by drinking damiana tea as a way to reignite their passions.

Modern-day in vitro studies on the damiana leaf have discovered that damiana increases blood flow “down there” by inhibiting PDE-5 activity and affecting the nitric oxide pathway.

We know that when NO increases circulation, you can perform BETTER than EVER.

That’s exactly how pharmaceutical penis pills work… with one BIG exception.

Damiana won’t cause any of the nightmarish side effects of the “little blue pill” – not the least of which include blood pressure drops, headaches, and cardiovascular events.

And it can help you get right back in the saddle , one outstanding performance after another… without staying TOO hard for TOO long.

Damiana works with your body to CUSTOMIZE the PERFECT way to reinvigorate your manhood.

The herb is considered an adaptogen– which, at the most basic level, means it can help you cope with stress.

And if you’re like some men, nothing’s more stressful than not being able to satisfy your wife.

But damiana can also promote a healthy mood… which you BOTH need to get “in the mood”!

It’s thanks to the presence of a flavone known as apigenin. Studies on mice have shown that apigenin-rich damiana significantly reduces anxiety.

While the traditional preparation of damiana as a tea, it’s gained some popularity in the form of an herbal liqueur, first made by the Guaycura tribe of Baja California.

It’s now sold in a bottle modeled after an Incan goddess.

You can drink it straight or add it to your favorite Mexican cocktail.As they say, “liquor is quicker”…

But teetotalers can also find damiana in supplement form, as a tincture or capsule.

Damiana is also included in several sexual health support formulas – including those shown to work specifically on women.