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Gut troubles? This ‘native nut’ can make your insides IMMACULATE

Let me ask you a question…

When was the last time your gut felt GOOD?

Digestive problems are so common… you may not even REMEMBER what it’s like to feel “normal.”

Over time, our guts become a CESSPOOL of toxins and pathogens– a literal BREEDING GROUND for infections.

The “dirtier” it gets… the less our immune systems can fight these bugs off.

But there’s a superfood you can use as a digestive cleanser– a literal “power wash” for your gut.

And it can take on even the WORST of the superbugs that set up shop in your gastrointestinal system.

A ‘supernut’ steps into the spotlight

Black walnut (Juglans nigra) grows native in various parts of this great country of ours.

But even if you’ve SEEN the tree… I GUARANTEE you haven’t TASTED the nut.

The great American walnut is a superstar in its own right.

But as Native Americans learned centuries ago, you’ve got to harvest black walnuts at just the right time.

They found that the juice from the fresh hulls is most effective when it’s unripe… which is why black walnut is sometimes referred to as “green walnut.”

It’s a tough nut to crack, for sure…

Larger, English walnuts require less work, making them popular among Big Food companies looking to make a quick buck.

But black walnut has a far superior medicinal value to “regular” walnuts.

Black walnut doesn’t just regulate digestion… and ease chronic constipation and gas…

It’s like spring cleaning for your gut!

Research has shown that it can inhibit three key enzymes from a supervillain strain of bacteria called Helicobacter pylori.

  1. pyloriis a “superbug” that causes SEVERAL gastrointestinal diseases in people – not the least of which include gastric ulcers.

Treating it with antibiotics often makes it worse.

And even when antibiotics DO clear out the H. pylori infection, they can set the stage for an overgrowth of fungus like Candida.

But black walnut can beat back fungal infections, too.

The secret is in a naturally-occurring aromatic compound found in black walnut called juglone.

Other types of walnut trees contain juglone, too… but black walnut has the MOST.

There’s almost NO gut infection it can’t KILL.

It also SLAMS the brakes on parasites like Cyclospora cayetanensis, which causes a nasty stomach bug called cyclosporiasis… and Giardia, which causes giardiasis.

And if you’ve got a mystery “stomach bug” that won’t go away, it’s probably caused by a parasitic infection.

If you’re curious about cooking or baking with black walnuts, don’t worry about cracking them yourself — you’ll often find them already chopped for you.

For more information on where to get them, visit the website

But if you’re struggling with gut troubles, what you really want is the hull that surrounds the “meat” of the nut.

Fortunately, black walnut extract is available as a supplement in liquid and powdered form.

It should be perfectly safe… unless you have a nut allergy.