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‘Mountain secret’ puts an END to the recurring nightmare of UTIs

When you suffer from chronic urinary tract infections (a.k.a. UTIs), it can feel like they NEVER END.

Once you get past your first infection, you just keep getting another… and another… and another.

But for many UTI patients, it’s not that the infection won’t stop coming BACK.

It’s that it never went away in the first place.

Up to 90% of UTIs are caused by a single type of bacteria, E. coli– a bug that’s NOTORIOUSLY hard to kill.

The only solution that the mainstream offers for women who get repeated UTIs is to take antibiotics.

But the more antibiotics we use to try to wipe E. coliout… the more it “learns” how toresist the drugs.

Break the vicious cycle now.

All you need to do is look to the highest peaks to find the CURE for recurring problems down below.

No more déjà vu

To the rescue comes, believe it or not, a type of manzanita tree with a red berry that grows right here in the U.S. of A.

You can find it in the higher elevations, from the Sierra Nevadas and the Rocky Mountains to the high Appalachians.

Specifically, it’s Arctostaphylos uva-ursi– or just “uva ursi,” for short – which translates loosely as “grape of the bear.”

Hence its nickname, the “bearberry.”

But while bears may enjoy the fruits of this tree, its leaves provide the most medicinal valuefor humans.

Especially if you suffer from UTIs.

Uva-ursi extract has proven to have antimicrobial powers, which means it kills off bacteria that’s in your urine.

It also helps you pee more, which keeps bacteria-laden urine from festering inside your bladder.

And it’s a potent anti-inflammatory, which can relieve that “burning” sensation when you do go to the bathroom.

It works so well that German doctors frequently prescribe uva-ursi to their patients with UTIs – and its use is fully backed by the German government.

In one study, taking uva-ursi for just one month reduced the recurrence of UTI symptoms up to a year later.

You won’t want to take it for longer than a month, though – because after that, MORE of it won’t make you feel any BETTER.

And taking too much… for too long… might actually make you feel WORSE.

Look for a standardized uva-ursi extract that contains 400 to 800 mg of arbutin. You can find it as a dried herb (suitable for making tea) or in powdered form as a capsule.

Other natural remedies that will help clear up a UTI infection (and make you feel better in the process) include:

  • cranberry extract (not juice)
  • D-mannose
  • probiotics for vaginal flora balance (including Lactobacillus reuteri and Lactobacillus rhamnosus), and
  • vitamin E.