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BANISHED berry still has Big Sugar running scared… after nearly 50 years

Happy Valentine’s Day.

I hope you can celebrate this “day of love” with your sweetie… and all the other loved ones in your life.

Maybe your gesture of affection is to give a bouquet of flowers…

But if it’s a heart-shaped box of candies instead, there’s a hidden truth about the sugar industry that you need to know.

Because Mother Nature has given us a pure, unspoiled way to make nearly everything that’s sour taste sweet.

And Big Sugar has done everything in its power to BURY it.

A natural miracle, left in the dust

In the 18th century, an explorer named Chevalier des Marchais traveled to West Africa and observed the locals with a curious culinary habit.

Before taking a bite of their primitive meal – a kind of fermented porridge known as cereal gruel – or a drink of wine tapped from local palm trees, they would eat an unusual berry the explorer had never seen before.

It was the so-called “miracle fruit” — and its ability to make sour foods taste sweet seemed downright miraculous.

It’s not that the miracle berry (known by its scientific name, Synsepalum dulcificum) tastes all that sweet on its own – in fact, it doesn’t provide much flavor to speak of.

It does something to the way our taste buds process flavor.

In 1968, researchers discovered that the transformative power locked inside this impossible berry was thanks to a unique glycoprotein, which they isolated and named “miraculin.”

Imagine being able to enjoy “dessert”… without spiking your blood sugar! It’s a diabetic’s dream.

Or experience flavor again, even after your taste buds have been burned to smithereens by traditional cancer therapies.

And in return, you’ll get NONE of the complications of eating sugar-laden foods.

That’s not just NO weight gain… but also NONE of the cognitive impairing, cancer-feeding evils of sugar!

The problem is that these miracle berries are difficult to harvest from the remote areas they grow in… and it’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to transport them across long distances without spoiling.

That makes them expensive to get – even if their flavor value makes them worth the effort.

Refined sugar, on the other hand, is cheap and abundant.

And Big Sugar has got deep enough pockets… and friends in high enough places… to make a competitor like miracle fruit simply DISAPPEAR.

In the 1970s, when entrepreneur Robert Harvey attempted to commercialize miraculin, he was followed… robbed… and essentially SHUT DOWN by the FDA.

The agency BANNED the miracle fruit from being sold as a food in 1974, creating a nasty web of red tape that kept it from being introduced to the American public at large.

Conveniently, this all happened right after headlines had been touting the berry as the miracle that could eventually REPLACE SUGAR.

In the decades since, companies have made BILLIONS off the sale of both sugar and artificial sweeteners – despite their links to obesity, diabetes, cancer, dementia, and more.

And the feds still REFUSE to recognize miracle fruit or miraculin as safe.

But the fact is that they BOTH have shown an incredible safety record, proving to be non-toxic even when ingested at 3000 TIMES the amount of normal human consumption.

All the organizations representing sugar and sugar substitutes in the U.S. have been incredibly tight-lipped on the issue… for DECADES.

Even the feds won’t breathe a word about miracle fruit.

Unfortunately, that has given some biotech companies the idea to synthesize miraculin… or create a GMO version of miracle fruit… to get around the supply restrictions and U.S. regulations.

Those unnatural versions are as yet untested.

And the FDA has BANISHED miracle berry products labeled as containing miraculin from being imported into the U.S.

In the meantime, it’s perfectly legal to grow your own and eat the berries whole.

You can also get miracle fruit powder and tablets online and direct from local growers… but these products should come with a warning.

Because “regular” food may never taste good enough again.