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Super herb KILLS breast cancer cells… and STOPS them from spreading

Ladies, finding out you have breast cancer is one of the worst things that can happen as you get older.

But not all breast cancers were created equal.

And what you do next depends on WHICH type of breast cancer you have.

If your breast cancer is a particularly aggressive form, you’re in for the fight of your life.

You’re not alone.

And you’ve got options.

Because an ancient Greek herb can take the bite out of hard-to-treat forms of breast cancer… and maybe even save your life.

Pull the plug on a cancerous caravan

A fifth of all women with breast cancer are diagnosed with a form known as “triple negative.”

It not only grows aggressively in the breast… but it can spread like wildfire.

And that, of course, is what kills you.

Triple negative breast cancer cells lack hormone receptors – making it impossible to treat with hormone therapies.

It may seem like chemo and radiation are your only options left…

But there’s a common garden herb that’s shown a SHOCKING ability to stop the growth and the spread, even when other prospects seem DISMAL.

It’s the herb marjoram (Origanum majorana)… and the ancient Greeks called it “joy of the mountain.”

The Victorians also used marjoram as a symbol of happiness…

We know that as a cooking spice, it fights inflammation and can even beat back infections.

A 2013 study out of the United Arab Emirates found that a leaf extract from marjoram wiped out more than 90% of the invasive cancer cells.

It turns out that the extract activated tumor necrosis factor to induce a “massive” cell apoptosis (a.k.a. “cell suicide”).

And it did it in LESS THAN TWO DAYS.

Now, this happened in a lab dish… and not in women.

But later that year, those same researchers went BACK into the lab and studied marjoram in animals…

And they discovered that this herbal extract can ALSO put the brakes on these aggressive breast cancer cells.

It literally STOPPED them from migrating to other parts of the body.

Instead of letting the cancer cells disperse throughout your body… where they can DIVIDE and CONQUER… marjoram extract forced them to stick (or “adhere”) together.

And one mass of cancer cells is a lot easier to treat – and remove – than an invasion of smaller factions.

Even if some of those cancer cells do manage to break away from the tumor, the study showed that marjoram can STILL help.

It keeps the “escapees” from attaching to… and making their way past… your blood vessel walls.

And if they can’t get into your bloodstream, they can’t spread to the rest of your body.

The animal study also showed NO toxicity to healthy tissue.

You couldn’t ask for anything more in a cancer treatment.

In 2015, Turkish researchers isolated compounds in marjoram and found one in particular to be the most powerful cancer assassin: hesperetin.

On its own, this active compound has been shown to encourage cancer cells to “off themselves”…

But there appears to be something special about ALL the constituents in marjoram that make it a particularly potent weapon in your battle against aggressive forms of cancer.

Marjoram is closely related to another spice rack staple, oregano – but the version you want is “sweet marjoram.”

Fresh herbs are more potent than dried. If you grow your own, keep them constantly clipped and pruned.

Add them to your dishes towards the end of your cooking time to retain much of their natural essential oils.

You can also get it in essential oil form at your local health food store or online.