[Revealed] The breast cancer CURE our government is HIDING from you

The moment you’re diagnosed with breast cancer, mainstream medicine takes a “scorched earth” approach.

They’ll zap you with radiation… inject you with sickening chemo drugs… and maybe even remove a breast.

And they’ll tell you that these barbaric “treatments” are the only ways to save your life.

But that’s not true… and our government has KNOWN it’s not true for DECADES.

Because there’s a FORBIDDEN cure that can make tumor cells VANISH.

Thanks to a SMEAR CAMPAIGN full of MISINFORMATION, it’s practically been driven underground.

But it’s perfectly legal and effective. You just need to make sure it’s prepared a special way.

Depriving you of this would be a CRIME

Wormwood is a bitter herb that dates back to ancient Egypt and the earliest days of the Bible.

It gets its name from the shrub’s ability to expel parasitic worms from your digestive tract.

But you may know it better as the BANNED ingredient in absinthe.

That’s the spirit that drove 19th-century poets and painters crazy with visions of the “green fairy.”

You see, distilling wormwood into an alcohol beverage increases its content of a chemical compound with hallucinatory effects, called thujone.

It’s been illegal in the U.S. as an ingredient in absinthe for most of our lives.

You might even think that you can’t get wormwood at all (unless, perhaps, you go to France).

But this plant’s saving grace is that it’s a powerful weapon against many different types of cancer, including breast.

I’ll share the exact preparation you need in a moment…

First, a bit on how wormwood can be NON-TOXIC to YOU… but BAD NEWS for cancer cells.

An extract of wormwood, called artemisinin, accomplishes the “holy grail” of cancer treatments

Cancer cells DISAPPEAR… while normal cells SURVIVE.

That’s because of something that sets cancerous cells apart from “healthy” cells…

They contain more iron.

In fact, cancer cells take in A LOT of iron. Enzymes need iron to help the cells grow and multiply.

When artemisinin reacts with iron, it UNLEASHES an army of free radicals that kill the cancer cells.

But this wormwood extract has got a few other tricks up its sleeve. Artemisinin also:

  • Promotescancer cell suicide” (a.k.a. cell apoptosis).
  • Busts through the cloak of “immortality by reprogramming cancer cell DNA
  • Suppresses tumors by boosting the expression of certain genes.
  • Stops metastasis by cutting off a tumor’s connection to the barrier of blood vessels, immune cells, and signaling proteins that isolates and protects it (a.k.a. the tumor microenvironment).

That’s what happens behind the scenes, but here’s something you can see with your own eyes…


This compound can be extracted from both “regular” wormwood (Artemisia absinthium, the kind in absinthe) and “sweet” wormwood (Artemisia annua).

Sweet wormwood is also sometimes called “sweet annie” or, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, qinghao.

You can find artemisinin capsules… or wormwood in dried and tincture form… at your local health food store or online.

There’s a negligible amount of thujone in dried wormwood, which means that non-alcoholic, medicinal preparations of it are incredibly safe… and you won’t get the hallucinatory effects.