[Mainstream confession] 3 drugs pushed on seniors are HUGE no-no’s!

I could write an entire book on meds you shouldn’t take.

Who knows? Maybe I will…

If I ever have time for the weekly updates it would require!

And now, after spending a generation putting seniors onto every med they can think of, the mainstream finally admits it’s gone too far.

It’s even cooked up a Top 10 list of drugs you shouldn’t take.

I hope Letterman got a royalty check!

They’re now urging docs to “deprescribe” these meds.

And they’re ignoring the fact that they’re the ones who recommended prescribing them in the first place.

As if that could UNDO the damage that’s already been DONE.

The list is a rogue’s gallery of all the meds I’ve been warning you away from… including statins, PPIs, and more.

But I’m here to highlight a few of the OTHER names on the list… that don’t get NEARLY as much attention as they should.

Quit these ‘never meds’ ASAP

If you only paid attention to the media, you’d think that all older folks struggle with is high cholesterol… acid reflux… and “performance issues.”

But you and I both know two other harsh realities that older folks commonly face…

Sleep struggles and bathroom problems.

And for those, there are THREE meds commonly given that even the mainstream admits you should avoid:

  1. One for too much number 1: Antimuscarinic drugs for bladder leaks are anticholinergic drugs that can cause your brain to ooze right out of your ears.
  2. Help with number 2: The stool softener docusate is like a literal kick in the gut. It can cause stomach pain and cramping. It can also trigger dizziness, which is especially dangerous in seniors – and these risks are all magnified when it’s combined with other meds (which it almost always is).  Studies show it’s NO BETTER than plain old fiber supplements and in many ways is WORSE when it comes to easing constipation.
  3. Benzos from the bozos: Docs who prescribe these drugs KNOW that when they give you benzodiazepines and “z” drugs to help you sleep, they’re turning your brain into peanut butter. They just don’t care.

There are much better options.

Magnesium, for instance, relaxes the muscles around your bladder… which can trigger the ol’ bathroom dash when they tense up and spasm.

And you can get a two-fer with this one – because magnesium ALSO helps you move a painless number two.

Plugged up? Try 500 mg of magnesium at bedtime.

Double the dose the next night if you need some extra help.

If you’re already on magnesium and aren’t getting results… or if it works a little TOO well… try half a cup of aloe vera juice twice a day (morning and night).

And if you’re STILL struggling to get a good night’s sleep after you’ve solved your toilet troubles, try melatonin.

The “sleep hormone” can work wonders, especially if it’s micronized in a spray.

It’ll take effect INSTANTLY… for the best night of sleep ever.