Inside the wacky new plan to drug your EYEBALLS!


Cue the dramatic music… cut to scenes of sad-looking patients desperately rubbing their eyes, then shaking their heads to make sure everyone watching knows they’re still suffering.

I bet you’re rubbing them right now, yourself, just thinking about it.

And that, my friend, is how they get you.

There’s a natural way to ease those eyes. But do they want you to use it?


Let’s squirt some drugs into your eyeballs instead!

Put down the dropper!

A crazy new kind of eyedrop is SUPPOSED to be for rare cases of very seriously dry eyes.

But once they get around to marketing this stuff, they’ll cook up a TV and magazine ad campaign designed to make everyone THINK they have the condition.

And that’ll get everyone to BUY the drug.

Hold onto your cash.Even if you THINK you have the driest of eyes… even if they FEEL like you’re been sitting at a bonfire with a group of cigar smokers… DON’T go and “ask your doctor” about this new drug.

Nearly 1 in 4 patients report pain after squirting cyclosporine A ophthalmic solution 0.09% in their eyes.

If that were the ONLY risk, maybe you deal with this stuff to get some relief.

But roughly 1 in 16 patients experience what’s called conjunctival hyperemia.

That’s the worst case of bloodshot eyes you can imagine.

In addition, up to 5 percent of all patients battle other problems — like blepharitis, which is when your eyelid puffs up like you just got socked in the face.

But it’s not just your eyes. This stuff can knock your ENTIRE immune system around.

The drops for your EYES could lead to infections ELSEWHERE, like UTIs and bronchitis!

This eyeball drug will be marketed as “Cequa”… but you can just go right ahead and forget it.

There’s a much simpler way to get your tired eyes to squeeze out a few extra tears.

Your eyeballs are practically made of fatty acids, and they use them up so fast that you need to replenish them.

Swallowing some fish oil capsules will relieve your EYEBALL-SCRATCH-ITOSIS.

If the omega-3s alone don’t do the trick, take vitamin A supplements too.

With that and plain old saline drops in the mix, you’ll get AT LEAST the results of a drug… without the cost or the weird side effects.