Diabetes BREAKTHROUGH being thrown in the TRASH!

If you’re diabetic… and your doctor saw you with a banana… he might try to slap it out of your hands.

He’ll tell you that fruits like bananas are “blood sugar bombs,” and you need to cut them from your diet.

But what if that’s not true?

Researchers have just made a breakthrough discovery… a diabetes CURE locked inside the humble banana.

The only problem?

We’ve been throwing this cure right in the trash.


From trash to treasure

Czech researchers have done the unthinkable.

They’ve taken a part of the banana that you never even see – the stem – and squeezed the juice right out of it.

And they’ve captured lightning in a bottle.

It turns out that banana stem juice acts fights diabetes in two major ways:

  1. It stops carbs from being converted into sugar.
  2. It slows the absorption of glucose into your blood stream.

And all of that adds up to LOWER blood sugar for you.

You couldn’t ask for more in a diabetes battle plan. But banana stems are being THROWN AWAY before they ever reach you!

And I’m not talking about the stem you see in your bunch of Chiquitas.

The banana “stem” that can chase away your sugar woes is actually the flower stalk of the banana plant.

Many cultures around the world eat the stalk as a vegetable – and it’s helped them recover from kidney stones, UTIs, anemia, and even diarrhea and other gut issues.

But you won’t find banana stem in your grocery store. In the study, the bananas that contained the highest concentration of diabetes-fighting compounds were grown in the wild in Vietnam.

Since most of us don’t live near an exotic produce market, the best way to harness the healing powers of banana stem right now is to buy it in powdered form at your local health food store.

But if you can get your hands on real banana stems… it’s best to remove the protective outer layer and harvest the fleshy inner meat. You can either juice it or eat it whole.