Underground cure HEALS chemo’s “hidden” side effect

Being diagnosed with cancer feels like the most horrible thing that can happen to you.

Then chemotherapy starts… and you learn that things can get much, much worse.

It’s not just the weakness… or the constant throwing up… or even your hair falling out by the handful.

There’s another agonizing chemo side effect that most patients are NEVER warned about – and that can absolutely WRECK your life.

The pain is unbearable and there hadn’t been a thing you could do about it… UNTIL NOW.

Sore no more

Mainstream cancer treatments slash and burn everything in their path.

And while some parts of your body are strong enough to resist the chemical warfare… more tender tissues don’t stand a chance.

That’s why your stomach has such a tough time with chemo – and that’s why the inside of your mouth can erupt in sores.

We’ve all had canker sores, which can be extremely painful.

The mouth sores caused by chemo (and by radiation for head and neck cancers) are like canker sores on steroids.

These are more like stinging, throbbing ulcers IN YOUR MOUTH.

They can keep you awake at night and make eating so painful, you’ll want to go on a hunger strike.

The tissue inside your mouth can get so torn up and you can lose so much weight that you’ll have to STOP treating your cancer altogether!

Oncologists have never really had a good solution for these canker sores… but HSI advisory panelist Dr. Glenn Rothfeld knows you deserve better.

And thank God for that — because after searching the globe for a better way, he’s discovered how to HEAL your painful canker sores.

And believe it or not, it’s a special kind of licorice.

It’s called DGL, and it’s the compound that’s left when glycyrrhizin is removed from the root of the licorice plant, Glycyrrhiza glabra.

In a 2014 study, DGL not only reduced the PAIN of mouth sores induced by cancer treatments, but it actually HEALED the damaged tissue!

When it comes to the side effects of chemo and radiation, usually you have to wait for the treatments to be over before you can recover.

But DGL can actually REVERSE the damage done to your mouth as soon as it happens!

DGL is available in multiple forms, from a mouthwash to patches, lozenges, and chewable tablets.

Get a form of DGL that dissolves in your mouth, rather than a capsule you swallow.

To keeping cancer from punching you in the mouth,

Melissa Young